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We are sad to announce that Transition Town Powell River is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and participated in activities and events over the years since 2009.

Best wishes to all the local groups working on building community resilience.

TTPR’s assets are being donated to local groups.

If anyone wants to re-start TTPR, contact Kevin Wilson to get all the materials and information we developed, as a starting point.

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Powell River Dollar launches!


The PR$ has now “soft” launched, and the Official Launch event will be Saturday Nov 10th.

So what does “soft launch” mean? It means that:

  • you can buy your PR$ now (at CMG Printing on Marine Ave, or from the PR$ “Mobile” person at markets and fairs)
  • the businesses who signed up with us are ready to accept PR$
  • local non-profits have already received over PR$20,000 in donations!

But we’re running quietly for the moment so we can fix any problems that show up. Then…

we’ll be officially launching the Powell River Dollar on Nov 10th at 7pm at the Senior’s Centre hall, Cranberry St and Manson Ave (enter off parking lot).

Admission CN$10 – get PR$10 back to spend!

  • Speakers
  • Refreshments
  • Business booths
  • Non-profit booths
  • Buy your PR$
  • Buy Powell River Money Society memberships

and… Cake!

Please come along and help us celebrate the “end of the beginning”: the result of over a year’s hard work by the PR$ team.

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Art Show and Info Night for the Powell River Dollar


On Tuesday evening the new Powell River Money Society (PRMS) held an Art Show and Info Night to display the draft bill designs for the Powell River Dollar and help everyone learn more about how the system will benefit the community.

Rob, Sean and Kevin did a three-way presentation that covered lots of details from the point of view of businesses, non-profit groups and individuals, Bruce organised the food, Mischa organised the art, and Marian helped out all round. Wendy Pelton baked yummy refreshments which everyone enjoyed.

Ari took a couple of photos which are up on Facebook – not sure if you’ll be able to see them here, but if not, head over to FB and take a look.

Kevin presenting at the PR$ Art Show

Kevin presenting at the PR$ Art Show

We are seeing great support from the community, local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. Next week Kevin is presenting to the boards of the United Way and Skookum Food Provisioners Coop, while Rob and Sean will be making multiple visits to businesses.

Want to sign up your business or non profit? Go here:



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Gross Domestic Product vs Gross National Happiness


Great post today at Shareable.net:

“At UN Happiness Summit, A Coal Pile in the Ballroom”

Here’s a quote:

Here are some of the many examples of how economic growth policies directly destroy the essentials of happiness. Economic growth turns social reciprocity and gift relationships (two components of GNH) into paid services. It converts pristine ecosystems into sources of timber or minerals. It converts silence into noise, starry skies into urban lights, kitchen gardens into supermarket purchases, mom’s cooking into fast food takeout. It replaces the village storyteller with the TV cartoon, mothering with day care, outdoor play with video games. A society that still has these former things intact, and meets its needs without much money, is called, by economists, an “undeveloped market.” The process of liquidating social and natural capital is called “development.” Clearly, our conception of sustainable development is begging for scrutiny.

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Project Night results


On Wed Apr 11, TTPR held a “project night” public meeting at the CRC after the Kale Force potluck. About 17 people discussed 16 potential projects in short chunks.

The notes from the discussions have been written up and placed in the Forum section of this site so that discussion can continue. A new Group on the Forum called the “Project Incubator” contains a section for each potential project. Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion, make comments, suggestions, offers of or requests for help, etc. There’s also a section for “More Potential Project Suggestions ” if you have more project ideas that you’d like to put out there.

Anyone can read the TTPR forums but in order to keep out the spammers you need to register to post, here:

OK, here are the projects:

Property / Garden Sharing

Car Free Day

Tools and Building Materials

Fruit Tree gleaning

Food Bank

Eco / alternative / energy building tour


Entrance into Agriculture

Vegan Vagon

Car Co-op / Car Sharing

DIY Bike Shop

Upgrading Buildings for Energy Saving

Bees & Trees / Pollinators

Community Orchard

Sustainability Toolbox (SD47 program)

Food Forest

More Potential Project Suggestions

Please come on over and add your thoughts!

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The iFixit Self-Repair Manifesto:

iFixit Self-Repair Manifesto

iFixit Self-Repair Manifesto

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Fiber Days with Coast Mountain Academy – day 2


On the second day, the students wove their dyed skeins from the first day into cloth on looms pre-warped with back and drak blue yarn, and learned (or learned more about)knitting and crochet.

Every student made a serious attempt at every activity and we really enjoyed their interest and energy. Such a great group to work with!


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Fiber days with Coast Mountain Academy – day 1


Back in December, Ryan Barfoot of Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) approached TTPR to see if we were interested in doing some hands-on sessions with the students on various self-reliance / sustainability topics. We said Yes, of course, and on Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 21 and 22 we held the first sessions – two afternoons of carding, spinning, dying, weaving, knitting and crocheting.

Many thanks are due to:

  • The fiber folks who came and shared their time, skills and equipment with the students: Fran, Danika, Kevin, Val, Joanne and Johanna
  • The Fine Arts Association for allowing us to use the clubhouse at Timberlane on Tuesday
  • Great Balls of Wool and the ladies at the Loopy Lounge for donations of needles and yarn
Students on Tuesday used hand carders and a drum carder to prepare washed and dyed fleece. Carded fleece (both pre-prepared and carded at this session) was spun using drop spindles and a spinning wheel. Skeins of pre-spun wool were dyed using food coloring.

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Home Gown Feast a yummy success


On Saturday 15th October, TTPR held the second annual Home Grown Potluck Feast. About 30 people brought dishes made with home made, home grown and/or local foods to share, and we had a wonderful spread to choose from. Of particular note was the huge pan of roasted garlic cloves that Lisa and Mike of Windfall Farm brought: there was so much, that there was a small amount left over at the end, even though some of us stuffed ourselves with garlic.

We also held a Silent Auction which raised money to keep TTPR going into 2012. Many thanks to those who donated items to the auction:

Alfred Bolster
Breakwater Books
Deb Diduk
Great Balls of Wool
Jacqueline Huddleston
Julie Thorne
Kevin Wilson
Kingfisher Books
Lisa and Mike Daniels, Windfall Farm
Lowell Morris
Maggie Poole
Maureen Simmons
Meghan Hildebrand
Ron Berezan
Springtime Nursery
Wendy Pelton


And thanks and congratulations to all the lucky auction winners who went home with great stuff!

On display at the feast were info sheets on different forms of local currency which Powell River might be able to benefit from, and signup sheets for individuals, businesses and non-profits to express interest in getting involved n a local currency. We’ll making it possible for everyone interested to sign up online very soon, so stay tuned!


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Local Re-conomy Celebration a Success


Well, with six events over three days, it was a marathon, but we made it through! For those of you unable to make it, here’s what happened:

Friday evening Meet & Greet

We had two display tables for this, from Powell River Sustainability Stakeholders and Vancouver Island University (as well as our regular TTPR display), plus about 25 people who came and went, chatted, shared info, and enjoyed great snacks supplied by Wendy Pelton. Contacts were made and later meetings suggested – all useful stuff.

Friday “Community Currencies” presentation by Michael Linton, with help from Pieter Vorster.

Michael and Pieter came over from Courtenay to tell us about money, local currencies, community currencies, and the “Community Way” model they have been using in Courtenay/Comox for the last few years. There was a good deal of enthusiasm in the audience for getting a community currency project started sooner rather than later, and we hope to build on this to get things off the ground.

Saturday “Natural Business” all-day workshop with Dave Pollard

A small but enthusiastic group attended Dave’s workshop, based on the methods laid out in his book “Finding the Sweet Spot”. He led us through assessing our own gifts, passions, and purpose; showed us how to find potential partners whose capacities complement our own; and gave us hands-on practice in doing face-to-face market research for our potential business ideas.

Saturday evening “Plugging the Leaks” session

This had such low attendance that we cancelled the session. The timing and less-intense promotion are two possible reasons for the lack of interest: we may try again later on.

Sunday morning “Really Really Free Market”

This was a great success: many people came and brought things, many people came and took things away, and a good time was had by all. Non “stuff” included custom haikus written for you on the spot, fiddle and flute players, and a demo of spinning wool fleece on a wheel. Some really great items showed up and went away with new owners. A small group has formed to make this happen again: perhaps in January.

Sunday afternoon “Save Money and put your Debt on a Diet” workshop

Here’s a review from one person who attended:

“I was really impressed with your “Getting Out of Debt” presentation.  It was well-written, covered all the bases (seemed to me, anyway), offered do-able solutions, had excellent flip charts, and exuded a calm, cheerful, respectful spirit to help alleviate the potential shame/guilt around the subject.  The latter was so effective in keeping folks ears and minds open.  Participants were actually able to have fun around this potentially dreary topic.  I know I learned things I will put to use, and it seemed the others did, too.  If we don’t get out of debt, Transition won’t be much fun from inside a travel trailer or a tent.  GREAT WORK!”

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped to make this weekend successful, including doing publicity, moving tables and other equipment around, loaning equipment, making and supplying food and drink, bringing stuff and skills to share, bringing information to display, staffing the door and the food, presenting sessions, transporting stuff, and generally digging in and helping out. We couldn’t do it without you all!

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What to Bring to the Really Really Free Market


The most important thing to bring is yourself 🙂 whether you bring anything else or not. We need you to take away the great stuff, eat the food, applaud the performers, pick up the community information, and get involved.

So what else can you bring along with yourself?

The most obvious thing is “stuff”… anything you want to give away that’s in good shape so that someone else is likely to want it. Jigsaws, clothes, seeds, books, firewood, toys, housewares – the kind of things you might sell at a garage sale or give away on the Freecycle. We don’t have enough space at this first market to take big stuff like furniture, most building materials, or appliances, but if it’s small enough to be portable and you think someone else would want it, bring it along. For larger stuff we’ll have a noticeboard where you can post what you have available for others to see.

Food is also a great thing to bring. It might be cookies for folks to snack on while they enjoy the market, or vegetables from the garden, or packaged foods that can be taken away. We’re trying to create zero waste at this event, so please come prepared to take home your food containers if you’re bringing snacks, or pack food you intend to be taken away in something recycled.

You can also bring things which aren’t physical objects at all.

Can you entertain or perform? Bring a musical instrument and play a few songs or tunes? Bring your voice and sing? Juggle? Organise a game? Stand on your hands? Tell a story? Then come along and do so, whether for a couple of minutes or longer, it’s all good. No amplification is available though, and if you need recorded music to dance to you’ll need to bring your own music source! There will be a dedicated spot for performers at the RRFM. Maybe it’ll turn into a jam session with whoever comes.

Another great thing to bring is skills to share. Can you show people how to make art out of trash? Knit or spin? Save seeds? Pot up a plant? Whirl a hula hoop? Anything like that where you can bring along any equipment needed and show people how to do something in a fairly limited space, we’d love to see you. Again, we’ll have a place ready for you!

Another way of sharing your skills would be to perform a service, ideally one that’s fairly quick and can be done in a small space. Some examples could be a short chair massage, math tutoring, mending a bike puncture, drawing a caricature, tarot readings, or providing a vehicle to take stuff home for people.

Here’s a look at services and skills offered for free at a recent RRFM in Toronto:

  • community drum circle group
  • past life regression session
  • group discussion on enlightenment
  • hoola hooping workshop/class/jam
  • mandala painting workshop
  • kripalu yoga class
  • guided meditation on Awakening Your Feminine Power
  • astrology discussion circle
  • Gratitude Portraits
  • Hugs
  • Pet Advice
  • Dreads
  • talk on how to bring joy into your life
  • crochet class
  • energy channelling
  • reiki treatments
  • energy work

If you’re part of a community organisation or project, you can also bring information, handouts or flyers and we’ll display them on the info table.

So, there’s something for everyone to give and receive! Come and join us at the Community Resource Centre, 4752 Joyce Ave, on Sunday Sept 18th from 10am till at least 1pm: we’ll go later if the weather is fine.

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