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Film and Food Night

Here’s a nice awareness-raising idea – a regular “Film and Food Night” with a film and a local potluck, as presented by the Path to Freedom people in Pasadena.

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Economic Growth vs The Good Life

A comment on a recent Transition Culture post gave me a minor Aha! moment just now: “… basically confuses the idea of ‘economic growth’ with ‘maintaining standards of living’ at a local level. Individuals who aren’t engaged in the Transition movement are only against the idea of limiting growth in terms of the possible consequences […]

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One down, eleven to go

Hi there. David here. For those folks following this blog, you might want to know about another blog of regional interest (the region being the Upper Sunshine Coast, AKA the Powell River Regional District, AKA Lund to Saltery Bay and Texada and Savary and a few other bits and pieces): Slow Coast. The name is […]

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"Prosperity Without Growth" report

Interesting new report from the UK: Prosperity Without Growth

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Lost & Found at meeting

Found: one green-covered 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ notebook from the University of Alberta bookstore. No name in it. Email or call Kevin to arrange to get it back!

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Kickoff meeting May 20th – report

This is a brief report of what went on at the kickoff meeting on May 20th. 15 people attended. We started off as people arrived with the “self-teaching Peak Oil talk”. This was an interesting experiment pulled from the Transition Handbook, the idea being that each person gets one slide from what would normally be […]

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Transition Movie premiere

For those of us who will not be attending the Transition Network Conference in London, England this week, there will still be the opportunity to catch the premiere of the new film: In Transition: from oil dependency to local resilience. Tune in this Saturday May 23rd at 1:45pm BST (that’s 05:45 AM Pacific) — at […]

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Kickoff meeting invitation

If you’re interested in getting involved with starting up a Transition initiative here in Powell River, this invitation is for you. Don’t forget to RSVP either here or direct to Kevin if you want to come! (Wednesday May 20, more details below.) What, you may well ask, is Transition Powell River and why would I […]

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