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Video Preview June 30th

This is a reminder of the video preview on Tuesday June 30th, 7:45 pm for 8pm at Graham and Trish’s house, 7173 Huntingdon. The video is “Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature” and it’s half an hour long. We’re planning to show it at our first video screening in July: this is a preview so we […]

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Tags: , ,  · Posted in: General chat – seting a safe (?) maximum level of atmospheric CO2 is a worldwide effort to get 350ppm set as the target maximum for CO2 in the atmosphere. The day of action on Oct 24th 2009 is intended to set a clear grassroots message for the climate talks in December. See Bill McKibben’s letter to Transition initiatives on the Transition US site

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Steering group meeting report – Jun 16th

Present: Kevin Wilson Lizzie Milward Owen Gaskell Julie Thorne Guests: (to be co-opted 🙂  ) Wendy Pelton Barry Bookout Graham We welcomed guests and introduced ourselves. Kevin did a quick rundown on the Transition movement for the benefit of guests. Group Structure Julie reported back on the requirements to open a bank account at the […]

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Transition movement in the Guardian UK

(Posted by David Parkinson.) A very good article in Sunday’s Guardian UK online discusses the Transition movement as a possible successor to the failed Labour Party consensus. It seems as though politics in the UK is in the throes of going back to first principles, and a viral grassroots movement like Transition is catching on […]

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