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Initating Group meeting report – Dec 14 2009

Present: Kevin, Liz, Alfred, Julie, Wendy, Owen, Susan Management Treasurer’s report. We have money. We will donate $25 to U-Hall for Nov EoS screening and Dec vigil. Official Transition Status – waiting on Owen for bio. He filled it out and Kevin will ask Transition Network if they will let us in with only one […]

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Candlelight Vigil for a Real Deal at Copenhagen

About 50 people showed up to the Unitarian Hall for our candlelight vigil. Here are a few photos!

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Initiating Group meeting report: Nov 30th 2009

Present: Kevin, Liz, Julie, Susan, Wendy, Owen Management Official Transition Status – still need bios from a few people. Kevin will collate. Treasurer’s report: we have money. Outstanding expenses include donation to Sliammon community garden, donation to U Hall for Nov 22 event, coffee for events. TTPR business cards – Kevin distributed these to everyone […]

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Why it doesn't matter whether climate change is human-caused or not…

This great quote comes from John Michael Greer at the Archdruid Report: Whether or not the current round of climate instability is entirely the product of anthropogenic CO2 emissions is actually not that important, because it’s even more stupid to dump greenhouse gases into a naturally unstable climate system than it would be to dump […]

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