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What Could a Local Currency do for Powell River?

by Barry Bookout There are many models for local or community currencies, but all of them are intended to solve a single problem — how to make a local economy stronger, more resilient, and less affected by external investment, income, and influence. While national, debt-based currencies are based on a model of scarcity, the best […]

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Technology Fixes (and why they are a red herring)

In _Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed_, Jared Diamond says: “All of our current problems are unintended negative consequences of our existing technology. The rapid advances in technology during the 20th century have been creating difficult new problems faster than they have been solving old problems: that’s why we’re in the situation in […]

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Reducing Waste at events – how to do it

Pebble in the Pond has a great guide to reducing waste at your events, whether a small club get-together or a big community-wide bash. See it here: Reducing Waste at Pebble in the Pond

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Ten Thoughts on Psychologically Surviving the Economic Crash

From the excellent Peak Oil Blues Blog: Ten Thoughts on Psychologically Surviving the Economic Crash As the economy worsens, folks, you’ll see increasingly disturbing behavior. The Peak Oil community is no different. Here are my own thoughts that might be useful to you, as we all cruise down the economic highway. (1) Find a local […]

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