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Fiber Days with Coast Mountain Academy – day 2

On the second day, the students wove their dyed skeins from the first day into cloth on looms pre-warped with back and drak blue yarn, and learned (or learned more about)knitting and crochet. Every student made a serious attempt at every activity and we really enjoyed their interest and energy. Such a great group to […]

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Fiber days with Coast Mountain Academy – day 1

Back in December, Ryan Barfoot of Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) approached TTPR to see if we were interested in doing some hands-on sessions with the students on various self-reliance / sustainability topics. We said Yes, of course, and on Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 21 and 22 we held the first sessions – two afternoons of […]

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Local Re-conomy Celebration a Success

Well, with six events over three days, it was a marathon, but we made it through! For those of you unable to make it, here’s what happened: Friday evening Meet & Greet We had two display tables for this, from Powell River Sustainability Stakeholders and Vancouver Island University (as well as our regular TTPR display), […]

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July and August 2011 Transition Events in Powell River

Here’s what’s coming up in July and August. We also have some really exciting stuff planned for September and October, so stay tuned for more on that 🙂 Food Dryer show-and-tell and Picnic Social Jul 24th Edible Garden Tour Aug 7th Alternative Cooking Methods demo Aug 13th All three of these events are co-organized by […]

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Winter Food Gardening workshop: June 26th

TTPR and the Food Security Project are working on a series of food-related workshops during the rest of 2011 and into spring 2012. Our first is Sunday June 26th: Winter Food Growing with Rosie Fleury. Come along and learn how to grow your own food this winter: Now is the time to plant! The right […]

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Green Transport Roadeo May 7th

Fed up with high gas prices? Come and explore the ways you can get around Powell River without a car. Includes demos of electric vehicles, bus tour, bike maintenance, bike skills class, and more! Bring your own electric vehicle to show and tell if you have one.

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Help Create a Better Powell River: a Day of Post-Carbon Vision Building

TTPR’s next event is our “Post Carbon Vision” day on Sunday October 24th. We’ll be spending the day, first building a picture of how Powell River could look in a post-fossil-fuel, post-CO2 world where we are less dependent on outside forces and more resilient and self-reliant, and then planning working groups, projects and activities to […]

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Permaculture Design Workshop: “Visions of Resilience: Permaculture design and the Culture of Sustainability”

Be at the epicentre of the shakeup toward a more abundant, sustainable, and resilient Powell River! This two-day workshop will engage your heart, head, and hands in questions, strategies, and tools for creating a cultural shift away from dependence on fragile global systems and toward a richer, saner, and more peaceful future for our community and the world.  Learn how […]

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Solar Food Dryer Workshop

On Wed 14th July we held a hands-on “Build Your Own Solar Food Dryer” workshop at the CRC here in Powell River. 10 teams or individuals built dryers out of cardboard, clear plastic and duct tape, and took them home to play with. Ours is out in the backyard drying cherries right now: it’s a […]

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Solar Dryer Workshop – register and pay here

On Wed July 14th at 7pm, after the Kale Force meeting at the Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce), we’ll be holding a hands-on workshop where you will build your own simple solar-heated food dryer out of cardboard and a few other simple materials. This is not a dryer that will last forever, nor is it […]

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