What to Bring to the Really Really Free Market


The most important thing to bring is yourself 🙂 whether you bring anything else or not. We need you to take away the great stuff, eat the food, applaud the performers, pick up the community information, and get involved.

So what else can you bring along with yourself?

The most obvious thing is “stuff”… anything you want to give away that’s in good shape so that someone else is likely to want it. Jigsaws, clothes, seeds, books, firewood, toys, housewares – the kind of things you might sell at a garage sale or give away on the Freecycle. We don’t have enough space at this first market to take big stuff like furniture, most building materials, or appliances, but if it’s small enough to be portable and you think someone else would want it, bring it along. For larger stuff we’ll have a noticeboard where you can post what you have available for others to see.

Food is also a great thing to bring. It might be cookies for folks to snack on while they enjoy the market, or vegetables from the garden, or packaged foods that can be taken away. We’re trying to create zero waste at this event, so please come prepared to take home your food containers if you’re bringing snacks, or pack food you intend to be taken away in something recycled.

You can also bring things which aren’t physical objects at all.

Can you entertain or perform? Bring a musical instrument and play a few songs or tunes? Bring your voice and sing? Juggle? Organise a game? Stand on your hands? Tell a story? Then come along and do so, whether for a couple of minutes or longer, it’s all good. No amplification is available though, and if you need recorded music to dance to you’ll need to bring your own music source! There will be a dedicated spot for performers at the RRFM. Maybe it’ll turn into a jam session with whoever comes.

Another great thing to bring is skills to share. Can you show people how to make art out of trash? Knit or spin? Save seeds? Pot up a plant? Whirl a hula hoop? Anything like that where you can bring along any equipment needed and show people how to do something in a fairly limited space, we’d love to see you. Again, we’ll have a place ready for you!

Another way of sharing your skills would be to perform a service, ideally one that’s fairly quick and can be done in a small space. Some examples could be a short chair massage, math tutoring, mending a bike puncture, drawing a caricature, tarot readings, or providing a vehicle to take stuff home for people.

Here’s a look at services and skills offered for free at a recent RRFM in Toronto:

  • community drum circle group
  • past life regression session
  • group discussion on enlightenment
  • hoola hooping workshop/class/jam
  • mandala painting workshop
  • kripalu yoga class
  • guided meditation on Awakening Your Feminine Power
  • astrology discussion circle
  • Gratitude Portraits
  • Hugs
  • Pet Advice
  • Dreads
  • talk on how to bring joy into your life
  • crochet class
  • energy channelling
  • reiki treatments
  • energy work

If you’re part of a community organisation or project, you can also bring information, handouts or flyers and we’ll display them on the info table.

So, there’s something for everyone to give and receive! Come and join us at the Community Resource Centre, 4752 Joyce Ave, on Sunday Sept 18th from 10am till at least 1pm: we’ll go later if the weather is fine.

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