Kevin and Liz visit the Sustainability Toolbox


On the evening of Aug 13th we went down to Herondell B&B south of town, where the students in the Sustainability Toolbox course are based. It had been wet all day but cleared up for the evening: a good thing since we were outside in a gazebo. Kevin and Liz acquired “camp names” as Otter and Corydoras.

We did a quick intro to the Peak Oil concept, then showed the middle section of End of Suburbia where the problem and its ramifications are presented. Liz did an update telling us about “where we are now” since EoS was made, then we had about 1/2 hour of Q&A and discussion. The students were interested and asked lots of good questions. Here’s hoping that they can take the message back to their own communities and help build awareness of Peak Oil as well as Climate Change.

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