Local Re-conomy Celebration a Success


Well, with six events over three days, it was a marathon, but we made it through! For those of you unable to make it, here’s what happened:

Friday evening Meet & Greet

We had two display tables for this, from Powell River Sustainability Stakeholders and Vancouver Island University (as well as our regular TTPR display), plus about 25 people who came and went, chatted, shared info, and enjoyed great snacks supplied by Wendy Pelton. Contacts were made and later meetings suggested – all useful stuff.

Friday “Community Currencies” presentation by Michael Linton, with help from Pieter Vorster.

Michael and Pieter came over from Courtenay to tell us about money, local currencies, community currencies, and the “Community Way” model they have been using in Courtenay/Comox for the last few years. There was a good deal of enthusiasm in the audience for getting a community currency project started sooner rather than later, and we hope to build on this to get things off the ground.

Saturday “Natural Business” all-day workshop with Dave Pollard

A small but enthusiastic group attended Dave’s workshop, based on the methods laid out in his book “Finding the Sweet Spot”. He led us through assessing our own gifts, passions, and purpose; showed us how to find potential partners whose capacities complement our own; and gave us hands-on practice in doing face-to-face market research for our potential business ideas.

Saturday evening “Plugging the Leaks” session

This had such low attendance that we cancelled the session. The timing and less-intense promotion are two possible reasons for the lack of interest: we may try again later on.

Sunday morning “Really Really Free Market”

This was a great success: many people came and brought things, many people came and took things away, and a good time was had by all. Non “stuff” included custom haikus written for you on the spot, fiddle and flute players, and a demo of spinning wool fleece on a wheel. Some really great items showed up and went away with new owners. A small group has formed to make this happen again: perhaps in January.

Sunday afternoon “Save Money and put your Debt on a Diet” workshop

Here’s a review from one person who attended:

“I was really impressed with your “Getting Out of Debt” presentation.  It was well-written, covered all the bases (seemed to me, anyway), offered do-able solutions, had excellent flip charts, and exuded a calm, cheerful, respectful spirit to help alleviate the potential shame/guilt around the subject.  The latter was so effective in keeping folks ears and minds open.  Participants were actually able to have fun around this potentially dreary topic.  I know I learned things I will put to use, and it seemed the others did, too.  If we don’t get out of debt, Transition won’t be much fun from inside a travel trailer or a tent.  GREAT WORK!”

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped to make this weekend successful, including doing publicity, moving tables and other equipment around, loaning equipment, making and supplying food and drink, bringing stuff and skills to share, bringing information to display, staffing the door and the food, presenting sessions, transporting stuff, and generally digging in and helping out. We couldn’t do it without you all!

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