Transition Information at Blackberry Day and the Street Party


We took information tables to Blackberry Day at the Open Air Market on Aug 15th, and to the Street Party on Aug 21st.

We learned that Blackberry Day at the Market is no longer a big deal event like it used to be, so there aren’t extra people there – it’s like a normal market day. Still, we talked to a number of people and handed out info for the Sep 9 Transportation evening.

At the Street Party, we were very kindly sponsored by Corey at CMG Printing. We were located under the roof beside Nicholas Simons’ office, along with the Storytellers Group and teh Museum. It’s a bit off the beaten track so we didn’t see all that many people. Next time, we’ll try to be out on the street and see if that works better. Noise has been an issue in previous years, but this year was much quieter.

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