Transportation Topic results from Vision Day


In the afternoon session of our Create a Vision day, we focused on four specific topics and answered three questions about each topic. Here’s what came out of the Transportation discussion:

How will climate change, peak oil and economic instability affect this sector?

Too expensive for gas powered vehicles
Government carbon-neutral laws
Ferries will run much less frequently, if at all
Very expensive to convert to electric vehicles
Shortage of electricity – have to choose how to use it
No more flying to Reno for a gambling weekend! Or driving to Nanaimo to go shopping

How do we want this sector to look in 2030?

Joyce, Alberni, Glacier and Marine Avenues as pedestrian malls
Public electric transportation free to all
Healthier lifestyles due to more walking and cycling
Transportation accessible to all
Less mobility needed – work, supplies and play closer to hom
Smaller, more frequent  public transportation
Bike sharing and public use bikes set up all over town

What has to happen between now and 2030?

All transportation powered by sustainable energy
Safe walkways and sidewalk; designated pedestrian areas all over
Lanes for bikes all across city
Lanes for motorized scooters- will be many more seniors using these
Community pressure for city government to change bylaws to allow electric vehicles
Electric vehicle car sharing
No personal gasoline powered vehicles
Electric lawn mowers

You’ll notice that many of the things in answer to question 3 are more relevant to question 2. Question 3 was intended to be a “how do we get there?” idea-sparker, but didn’t quite work that way!

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