Awareness raising events for Powell River


I went through the Transition Handbook and the Transition US website looking at the kind of events that transition groups have held during the “awareness” phase of getting people up to speed on Peak Oil and Climate Change. Here’s an incomplete list of things we could do here in Powell River:

Film Screenings

Peak Oil – Imposed by Nature
The Power of Community
The End of Suburbia
An Inconvenient Truth
A Crude Awakening


Permaculture design
“Energy Transition Comes to Powell River”
Diet and Climate Change
Peak Oil: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge
Climate Change and Peak Oil

Other Events

Family Green Day (local food, alternative energy, carbon footprint measurement, local eco groups with positive solution attitude)
Collection of relevant books and DVDs donated to the Library – with a kickoff event
Slow Food feast
Powerdown Christmas Party
Transition Energy Tours (local RE installations)
Transition Roadshow (to outer areas)
Food Garden Tours (already in planning under the Food Security Project)
Eco-Building tours (local cob, cordwood, etc structures)
Presence at Fall Fair, Newcomers SocialВ  and other suitable events

Additional ideas in the comments please!

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