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Some time in the next month I’d like to try and get 10-12 people together to talk about Transition and the possibilities for Powell River, over a potluck meal. Out of that we might be able to kick off a core group of 4-8 people to begin organising awareness-raising events in Powell River. I’ll be sounding out people I already know and Alfred has some people in mind too, but if you’re reading this and you want in, email me or comment here and let me know.

Here are some ways other people have used to get a core group together (from the Resources page on the Transition Towns WIKI )

  • Email people (group/community leaders, councillors, journalists, headteachers, community workers, local volunteer bureau, chamber of commerce, religious leaders) who know loads of people to get involved
  • Meet those people even if they don’t answer to the emails, explain what the idea is about and ask for contacts to people, group leaders they know who might be interested
  • Network with other green and community groups (residents associations) in your area, visit their meeting, ask them to give you a slot to talk about TT, collect emails and phone numbers
  • Think about making an initial community event, screening of the films by Rob Hopkins 12 steps and Resilience, make posters and leaflets and put them up around town, and use the meeting to introduce the concept to people and ask them to help you map your area – sustainability projects, green groups, individuals, businesses etc.
  • Have a display at the local library
  • Have meetings with film screenings to find people for the steering group

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  1. David Parkinson - April 14, 2009

    Count me in! I had hoped that V8A would get to this stage of the game a good year or so ago, but the Sustainability Charter came along and people gravitated towards that. I still think that a properly managed Transition effort would be much more interesting and useful than a charter (which largely serves the needs of the local governing bodies)… we need to get people thinking about how to create a more resilient region.

    Thanks, Kevin!

  2. Denise Reinhardt - April 17, 2009

    Me, too, Kevin. David has done some excellent preparatory work when V8A was talking about Transition Towns that would give us a head start on this work. Let’s get going; time’s a-wasting.

  3. Lizzie Milward - April 19, 2009

    Where I can help, I will.

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