Economic Growth vs The Good Life


A comment on a recent Transition Culture post gave me a minor Aha! moment just now:

“… basically confuses the idea of ‘economic growth’ with ‘maintaining standards of living’ at a local level. Individuals who aren’t engaged in the Transition movement are only against the idea of limiting growth in terms of the possible consequences for their jobs and their ability to live lives with a certain level of material wealth. It’s important to distinguish between these things so we’re all on the same page.”

So, most people really don’t care about growth as such: what they want are the benefits which are perceived to flow from it. Decouple the two, as one of the other commenters points out:

“What does the “no growth” imply? It means better quality of life, better social ties, secure livelihoods and ecological economy. Who wouldn’t vote for that? So, after re-labelling it, here’s what we get: on one side you have economic growth while on the other you have a good life. Which one do you choose?”

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