Kickoff meeting May 20th – report


This is a brief report of what went on at the kickoff meeting on May 20th. 15 people attended.

We started off as people arrived with the “self-teaching Peak Oil talk”. This was an interesting experiment pulled from the Transition Handbook, the idea being that each person gets one slide from what would normally be a Powerpoint presentation, with notes on the back, and people get together and explain their slides to each other, thus learning all the major points along the way. This partly worked 🙂 Next time I will edit the notes on the back of the slides to be much simpler and more concise, as some of them where much too long and complicated. Comments from the victims on how this worked are also welcome!

After the Peak Oil “talk” we went around the circle for everyone to introduce themselves and what their interest in Transition was. There was a good mix of interests and useful skills and contacts displayed round the table.

Next we did a quick show and tell of resources people had brought, including books, DVD’s and information from the Web. I’ll be adding several suggested resources to an upcoming resource page here on the blog. I also encourage people to post resources they’ve found.

Then we ate some yummy snacks, desserts and other food brought by the participants. Not being a coffee or tea drinker myself, I forget the need for those, but others stepped in to fill the breach.

After food, Kevin and David made short presentations about the basics of the Transition movement, the 12 Steps toward creating an Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP), and the 7 Buts or barriers.

We then spent a half hour or so discussing ideas for changes to and projects in Powell River, including (unedited and unmoderated, so there’s a variety here):

  • Concrete roads instead of tarmac
  • Walkable town
  • Bike lanes
  • Vehicle co-ops
  • Gravity-powered vehicles/transport
  • Better bus schedules
  • Pedestrian Rights
  • Car-sharing
  • Ride-Share board (one exists: Kevin to post URL)
  • Zoning/regulations
  • Greenways using the Hydro right-of-way
  • Moped lot (co-operatively owned)
  • Tricycle leasing

Everyone helped clean up and we collected donations to cover the rental for the hall.

Four people gave me their names at the end of the meeting as interested in forming part of a steering group, and others had stated interest before the meeting. Please email right now if you want to be on the steering group as we’ll be setting up a time to meet early in June and get the ball rolling.

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  1. David Parkinson - May 22, 2009

    Thanks, Kevin. I liked the format of the self-teaching peak oil talk, but I agree that it was a bit technically challenging to get started on. Maybe there is a slide deck or some other presentation a little less complicated to use for that activity. But I think the meeting was a good one and already exposed some of the interesting challenges which lie ahead.

  2. One down, eleven to go « Slow Coast - May 25, 2009

    […] So one of the nice things about this Transition Powell River effort is that it belongs to us. It was started up by one local person, Kevin Wilson, who read The Transition Handbook and got fired up with enthusiasm. He contacted some friends and put the word out through a few local email lists and in Immanence magazine. And so we met last week and started the ball rolling; you can read Kevin’s brief summary of the meeting here. […]

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