Should Powell River become a Transition Town?

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This is the embryonic blog of the embryonic Transition Town movement in Powell River, BC, Canada.

Already know about Transition Town and think it would be a great idea for Powell River? Then comment here, or send email to

transitionpowellriver at gmail dot com

Need more information about Transition? Look here:

Transition WIKI

Transition Culture blog

Transition Town Totnes

or talk to Kevin Wilson sometime around town!

March 29, 2009 В· TTPR В· 12 Comments
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  1. David Parkinson - March 30, 2009

    Cool idea! Maybe it’s time to rev up the transition idea again… or find some way to pull together the things which are already going on and brainstorm new ways we can work together for a sustainable region.

  2. transitionpowellriver - March 30, 2009

    Yeah… I think it’s key to get more people educated and involved so it’s not the same few people trying to do everything all the time. Maybe we can look at the “official” transition process and see if that will help us come at things in a slightly different way than we have in the past, and get more traction.

  3. David Parkinson - April 14, 2009

    I believe that the key to success is to engage people in activities which create community while producing something of value. Workshops in growing food are one obvious way to do this — since (almost) everyone sees the value of increased local food production; but we should be working on other initiatives (a local car-share, buy-local campaign, composting everywhere, more biking, etc. etc. etc.). These need to bring people together around food and meaningful activity. Endless series of endless meetings ain’t gonna cut it.

  4. Michelle Colussi - April 15, 2009

    There are a few of us in Victoria working on launching a Greater Victoria Transition Initiative this fall. I am a certified trainer of the Totnes created Training for Transition workshop – we have had two now in BC – one in Victoria and one recently in Abbotsford – and I know that there are groups being formed in Abbotsford, Vancouver, Port Alberni, Nelson – and interest in Cowichan, Alberta, Ontario has two TT’s already (Guelph and Peterborough) …. anyway …. all of this by way of saying you aren’t alone and some of us are very keen to stay linkd to others – share ideas – maybe get together at some point – so —- DO stay in touch and DO let em know if you want to be on the list to get info about upcoming trainings etc. I also have a large pdf file from Peterborough recently that describes their start-up if you want it. The workshop is fabulous for setting up the key steps and approaches but we are all finding our way a bit differently too — and it isn’t always obvious what will work — hang in there!!

  5. transitionpowellriver - April 15, 2009

    Excellent! Thanks so much for getting in touch Michelle – I’ll email you separately.

  6. David Parkinson - April 15, 2009

    Wow, this is great news!

    I wonder what our umbrella group is now that the Relocalization Network became Transition US? Is there a Transition Canada? I find it odd that they restricted their reach by doing that.

  7. Michelle Colussi - April 15, 2009

    Well – the local TT’s in the UK formed Transition UK – and they then designed the training programs and have been touring the globe (Literally) delivering training and training trainers. I was part of a training trainers in CA in December so I am a member of the US “trainers pool” – but the only Canadian thus far. They had just formed Transition US when I was there and announced a partnership with Post Carbon Institute.

    There are rumblings from Peterborough and Guelph – and interest among Vancouver folks and others – in discussing a Transition Canada. My organization is able to support that effort by convening a conference call, some of my time, etc. but it’s a question of timing – how many community groups does it take to ensure that a Transition Canada effort isn’t premature or doomed to die? Even the Ontario groups have said – “yes – we think this is important – but frankly most of our time is going to support our local efforts right now”. I think we need a bit more capacity “on the ground” if you will before we go there. Think global – act local – so I guess our energy needs to be getting our local efforts strong first? (which doesn’t mean we can’t keep sharing, talking or even meeting/learning together in the mean time!)

  8. David Parkinson - April 15, 2009

    Thanks, Michelle. I hope that the time has come to assemble a good working group in our region. We’ll see. But it’s nice to know that we have some local contacts to rely on.

  9. transitionpowellriver - April 15, 2009

    I noticed that the Transition US discussion site is just a Ning community, which is pretty straightforward to set up. We might be able to do that for a Transition Canada discussion site without having to have a huge organisation behind it at this stage.

  10. Corey Matsumoto - April 16, 2009

    Sign Me Up!
    I’d be happy to help plan and promote events here in Powell River.
    If a meeting materializes in the next couple of days I can add a mention in the upcoming May/June issue of Immanence Magazine. In the least I can put in a mention of the Transition Powell River website. Are there any details you want me to include aside from asking people to check out the site?

    The new Immanence Magazine Online website I’m working on may also help in providing a database of shared ideas, research, and discussions about localization (among other topics).
    Keep me in the loop!

  11. Lizzie Milward - April 19, 2009

    I think starting a transition in Powell river is an excellent idea and would like to be involved. Given Powell River’s isolation, a strong local base makes even more sense for this community than it does for others.

  12. rabideye - May 2, 2009

    try this out– a new blog (with episode 1 featuring transition town web coordinator):

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