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(Posted by David Parkinson.)

A very good article in Sunday’s Guardian UK online discusses the Transition movement as a possible successor to the failed Labour Party consensus. It seems as though politics in the UK is in the throes of going back to first principles, and a viral grassroots movement like Transition is catching on as a way of harnessing all of the energy around climate worries, the economy, peak oil, and the overall failure of the neoliberal program of the past 30+ years.

I liked this bit towards the end:

Part of its [i.e., Transition’s] growing success is how it meets several needs simultaneously. It tackles social recession – the sense of disconnection and fragmentation of community – at the same time as it ­collaborates on the huge behavioural change that will be required for a low-carbon society. The latter is far more likely to come about in the context of personal relationships than as a result of discredited politicians dictating change. It is fulfilling an unexpected appetite for political engagement at a time of widespread disillusionment with the conventional political processes.

That sounds just about perfect to me. It’s time that people found out that there is an alternative to either blindly supporting or continually reviling your political leaders: and that alternative is to build your own politics from the ground up.

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