Transition-type activity already happening in Powell River


I just thought I’d start a list of what’s already happening in Powell River that can be classed as building resilience, reskilling and/or relocalisation. Projects and groups like this might be interested in working co-operatively with a Transition initiative in the future. This is not meant to by a complete list at all, it’s what I came up with after a bit of thought, but I mostly know about food and farming related things so I am sure to have missed many things.

Food Security Project (multiple activities)
Seedy Saturday
Food Garden Tour (incipient)
Community Gardens
Demonstration garden at the CRC
Fall Fair
Open Air Market
50 mile challenge
Sustainability Charter
Sustainability and Eco-Education courses within SD47
Meat Regulations work by the Farmers Institute
Immanence magazine
Malaspina Land Conservancy
Full Circle teaching farm proposal
Seed Saving project
Kale Force food gardening group
Powell River Dreams art cards
Local stores selling locally produced food (Mitchell bros, more?)
Local farms and food producers
Transit system improvements (more bus runs, bus shelters etc)
Carol Engram’s “Seed to Sauce” learn-to-garden workshop
Fruit Tree Project
Local examples of alternative/natural building (cordwood house, cob…)

Please add more groups, projects and activities which relate directly to Transition issues in the comments!


April 17, 2009 В· Kevin В· 4 Comments
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  1. David - April 18, 2009

    Here are a few more:

    Various off-grid homes in the region
    Composting toilets (some do have ’em!)
    Storytellers’ group (incipient)
    BOATT program @ Brooks (whatever they call it now)
    Youth Sustainability Charter
    Pebble in the Pond

    I’m sure there are more, but that’s all I can think of now.

  2. kevinw1 - April 18, 2009

    LOL, we should have a “composting toilets” house tour! But seriously, it would be great to have an alternative housing/building tour, maybe the weekend after the traditional Parade of Homes tour.

    BOATT – I think that’s what I meant when I wrote “Sustainability and Eco-Education courses within SD47”. Ryan Barfoot runs it, yes? I went and helped with some Toastmasters speech training for the kids in that program last month.

    Add: local Art Studio tour

  3. Lizzie Milward - April 19, 2009

    You might find a few allies in the Powell River Chamber of Commerce for some of your ideas, since they want to promote local businesses even if their main agenda is very different from Transition.

    Other possibles:
    Cranberry Pottery and the local pottery and ceramics courses. Locally made crockery is useful skill to keep alive.

  4. after oil - April 20, 2009

    there are a few folks running waste veggie oil in their diesels as an alternative to fossil fuels. (until we quit driving altogether)

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