Initiating Group meeting 2010-03-22 Mar 22nd


Pre-Meeting Report – Mar 22nd 2010

Present: Kevin, Liz, Owen, Wendy, Julie, Susan.


Meeting minutes for the last 2 meetings are now available


October 10, 2010 is the “global work party” for global warming solutions.  It is the latest move from I’ve signed us up to do… something.

Connecting with other groups

Texada Chamber of Commerce – Kevin will go and tell them about Transition March 26th
Emailed PiP about our laundry Earth Day stall and they like the idea.
PiP are looking for someone to share their office space (and the costs). I said “no” for us, but if you know of anyone else who might be interested, let them know.
PR Living article should appear in the April issue.
Mar 27th 7:30 – 8:30 Earth Hour at the rec complex. Free buses from TC Mall 6:30 – 9pm
There is a BC Cycle event coming up in June which we might be able to piggyback on
Official Community Plan rewrite for the city is coming up: TTPR should give as much input as possible.

Other Business

New domain name and website – up and running

Meeting Report


Treasurer: We have money.

There are two tickets for Energy workshop in the cash box which were presumably sold by Ecossentials. Wendy will check to see if we got the money from them for the tickets.

The gardening workshop on March 21st took in about $90 at the door and $30 from food donations. Outgoings will be U-Hall rental and an honorarium to Rosie Fleury.

Liz is no longer able to do the treasurer job and wishes to pass it on. Kevin will do it until we have someone else who is willing.

Kevin wishes to buy a portable flip chart and holder for presentations, about $15. Approved.

Event Schedule

March events debrief:
Seedy Saturday went very well but we need to have more than one person scheduled for the table at the start, in case one person can’t get there to set up. Lots of interest in the garden workshops.
Garden workshops – 18 attendees plus volunteers. Good presentations from Rosie and Kevin. Garden visit to Tony and Meghan’s garden successful. Can we pay an honorarium to Rosie out of the proceeds? Approved.

Mar 26th Home Movie at Owen’s – Who Killed the Electric Car.
Posters were given out to be posted ASAP. Julie will update our Google calendar and send in Around Town notice.

Apr 9/10: T4T in PR
We have four scholarships available/accounted for: TTPR, Farmers Institute, an anonymous donor, and the Sustainable Schools committee. 9 registrations so far, 4 more promised.

Apr 17th: bike maintenance noon-2 at the CRC
Publcity – we will do posters, Around Town, maybe mini posters to stick on bike racks etc. Kevin has a sandwich board and will do signs for it to display on Joyce Ave on the day.

Apr 24th: Earth Day – Laundry hanging
Wendy will do some shapes from construction paper, and bring clothes pins.

Home Movies
April 16th at Wendy’s: “The Power of Community”. Possible home movie night at David Moore’s – contact him again and suggest May.

May onward events – tabled. Keep May light as we are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Leave more actual workshops until September, but keep following up on possible topics and presenters.

Connecting with other groups

“Taste of Powell River” – Isabelle Southcott of PR Living is planning a “local food guide” for PR called “Taste of Powell River”. There will also be some kind of dinner event in September. We discussed trying to co-ordinate our Celebration of Local Food event with this but concluded that the projects had a very different focus and “feel”. However, we would like to try for inclusion in the book and the September event – Kevin will talk to Isabelle.

Working Groups

Transportation group – Owen
A meeting was held and Owen has written up the results and sent them to Council, to be presented at an upcoming meeting of the Committee of the Whole.

Local Currency
Table this until working groups in general get started, but keep adding names of interested people.

Starting more working groups
Victoria has done this by first running an orientation session for potential group leaders, then an Open Space event to get groups started, and a second Open Space to move things forward. We could make use of the Sustainability  Charter announcement event to promote working groups startup – in that case it would be good to have the leaders event already happened and potential leaders ready to go. We could also do an email survey of our mailing list, and a written survey at info tables. We planned to have a working groups planning meeting after the T4T weekend: Apr 16th, 6pm at Wendy’s, for an hour before the home movie.

Other business

Logo design/contest
No entries yet. Kevin will send info out to Meghan and Alfred M, and extend deadline to Apr 15th. Kevin handed in a sketch of an idea that came to him in the night.

RRR data onto website.
Everything except Social Justice seems to be done. Need to crosscheck that all groups are listed on both pages. Next step is to give access to group reps to check their data and add anything they want to.

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