Initiating Group meeting 2010-04-19 Apr 19th


Pre-Meeting Report


October 10, 2010 is the “global work party” for global warming solutions sponsored by Kevin has signed us up to do… something.

Connecting with other groups

PR Living article has appeared in the April issue.
Tom Read posted about Kevin’s Texada visit and talk on

Other Business

  • RRR data onto website – has been entered and cross-checked, and is now visible on our website. Next step is to give access to group reps to check their data and add anything they want to.
  • Graham proposed collaborating with some green builders in the area and others who might be interested, to create a green building project to build an actual demonstration house or other building. He will contact people who might be interested.
  • Starting more working groups – tabled till after capacity-building

Meeting Report

In attendance: Kevin, Liz, Owen, Wendy, Graham, Julie, Sue


Business arising from the PRE-MEETING REPORT
DO WENDY:   Wendy will draft an email invitation to send to people that might be interested in the October 10th global warming party.
DO KEVIN: Kevin will send out to our email list.

DO KEVIN: Kevin will set up a TTPR Paypal account to allow us to accept payments and donations over the web.  It would be directly attached to our bank account and allow us to accept credit card payments.  Treasurer’s report was reviewed and discussed.

DO KEVIN: Forum on the website: Barry would install, maintain and moderate it for us.  Kevin will ask Barry to go ahead with this.

DO WENDY: Facebook page created. Julie and Kevin admins. Anyone else on Facebook?  Wendy will ask her son to work on  the Facebook page to post info on it.

Susan will act as recording secretary to take notes and provide meeting reports.
DO SUE: Sue will call Shaw Cable to see if they can air DVD’s related to sustainability.

Event Schedule

April events (T4T, Council, home movie, Bike workshop) debrief

T4T – income and expenses were discussed – we made some money which will fund future projects.
DO WENDY: Should we do a press release? Wendy will draft one and distribute for edits.
Those attending agreed that the “meet the ancestors” excercise was particularly worthwhile.

Council – see below

Home movie – good attendance, good discussion of Power of Community. Some interest in showing it again for people who missed this showing.

DO JULIE: Bike workshop – very good attendance, horrible weather! Julie will send thank you cards to Frank, Lindsay and Jason for their mechanical help. Need to repeat this workshop sometime.
DO KEVIN: Kevin will get gift certificates from Ecossentials to use for workshop presenters in future, and take a check for $25 to the CRC for use of the space.

Apr 24th: Earth Day – Laundry hanging demo. Pete will drop off umbrella dryer at Kevin’s on Wed. Kevin will bring fold up wooden drying rack. We need more dryer examples, even if only pictures. Wendy finding stats, will make display and “laundry” cutouts. Kevin will bring magazines for cutouts for “vision board”, our big display, 2 tables from U Hall, etc etc. Wendy bring large canopy, table, etc etc.

Possible home movie night – Michael Moore’s film  – Capitalism  a Love Story – at David Moore’s – date in May TBA

Bike to Work week 1st week of June – see below

10/10/10 work party. Kevin has signed us up to do …something. Lisa Strickland and Lesley Thorsell have expressed interest in this.  See above.

Workshops – Nick Houser is offering help with solar energy workshop, suggested a workshop in the fall.
Graham suggested a pilot project on hot water heaters for the fall.

Sustainability Charter presentation event – no date yet – probably in June

Connecting With Other Groups

Rin is interested in doing some Permaculture work with us – Kevin sent her the relevant bits out of the Transition Handbook and will meet and discuss soon.

Working Groups

Transportation group – Owen reported on the meeting with the Council.  Four presentations were made – Betty Zaikow on Greenways, Rosemary Entwhistle on Cranberry sidewalks (Cranberry Street and Mowat Bay) and on Marine from the Marine Hotel to the entrance to the seawalk, Owen on improvements to the Wildwood Hill switchback and on a bikeway on Manson built to meet professional standards, Sue in support a one cent tax on gas to support alternate forms of transportation and support for bikeway on Joyce from Glacier and a request to extend it to Manson Avenue.
DO OWEN:  Owen and Giovanni will work on publicity for Bike to Work Week 1st week in June. Dorell has expressed interest in working on this.
DO OWEN: Owen will set up a meeting of the transportation work group to debrief and plan.

Other Business

Logo design/contest

DO KEVIN: several entries were reviewed.  1st choice – the smokestack, 2nd the “picture” and 3rd the bird. Kevin will canvass opinion on the 1st choice logo in case of backlash.

Increasing working capacity

DO KEVIN: The following names were suggested to increase the working capacity – Suzan Roos, Betty Zaikow, Kelly Hodgins, Rob Southcott and David Moore   Kevin will draft an invitation and run it by the IG for comment.

Suggested Support Teams:
(support team members need not all be on IG)

Admin (treasurer, secretary, webmaster)
Event Co-ordination (Owen plus others. Need a checklist, and “people who know people”. Includes movie screenings and other special events)
Reskilling Workshop series (Lizzie plus others)
Publicity (reboot existing team: Wendy, Julie, Nola, Corey, David P…)
Outreach (presentations – Kevin, Lizzie: info tables – many people)
Strategy and Organisation Development (this should be the whole IG and use resources from Transition US, Transition Network.)

We need a job description and parameters for each team. Invite people on our email list and especially those who attended T4T to join teams.

DO GRAHAM: Raphael Shay email (attached) – offering research help with energy projects particularly. Are we able to use this help yet?  Agreed that Graham will send a letter expressing interest but not ready with a project yet.

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