Initiating Group meeting 2010-05-17 May 17th


Pre-Meeting Report

Treasurer: TTPR Paypal account is set up, linked to our bank account, and our non-profit status is confirmed with Paypal.

Meeting Report

Present:  Kevin, Julie, Wendy, Rob Southcott, Sue, Liz, Rin


TreasurerKevin gave a report on expenses and expenditures.
Facebook – tabled to next meeting

Event Schedule

May home movie – Capitalism, a Love Affair  – at David Moore’s was attended by 8 people.  The video was followed by a discussion on how capitalism impacts on Powell River, the mill, etc.
June home movie –  David M. has pre-ordered Collapse with Michael Ruppert, available around the end of June.   Susan J. will repeat the Power of Community at her place on June 18.  Phone – 485-6322.  Please call for details on parking.
Bike to work week see below
Kevin attended a concert by Bill Wiseman Sun May 16th on short notice to provide an information table.  He noted that TTPR needs a small display for similar events.  Wendy has clear upright stands which take a letter size sheet, perfect for a small table.
June 9th Chamber of Commoners will at the French Club and TTPR has been invited to put up a display table.  Kevin, Liz, Wendy and Rin have volunteered to staff the table for this event.  Attendance fee is a $5.00 donation.
July home movie – Claudia Medina’s short plus The Story of Stuff. Ask Graham and Trish if they can host – use Wendy’s projector and screen?

Connecting with other groups

50-mile-challenge organising meeting – Wendy reported on the meeting re the 50 mile challenge. They want to develop a logo and she suggested that we give the names of those who submitted logos to us with their permission. Sunshine Organics will develop a “50 mile” box as part of their delivery scheme for people who choose to buy locally. 10/10/10 work party:  Kevin will develop a list and send out an email to other groups inviting them to join us or to undertake a work project themselves and to set up a meeting  with  relevant groups and official reps for the purpose of initiating activities to reduce emissions. Invitation email approved, Kevin will send out email, replies to go to Wendy for collation.
Possible dates for a meeting:
Thurs. June 3 – 7 pm
Fri. June 4      –  5:30 pm – pot luck
Sun. June 13 –  2 pm

Co-operation: David P. or other Skookumers will be at the OA Market most weekends handing out Skookum and other FSP project info and are willing to hand out TTPR info too, but would like help staffing the table.  Wendy, Sue and Liz  will volunteer to help to staff the booth.
CRC is available at 7:30 pm once a month after Kale Force meetings.  As KF rents it for the evening they offered TTPR  free use of facility  for TT activities .  The only stipulation is that TTPR activities should often include a food component.  Those present were in favor.  Owen and Graham will be consulted.

Working groups

TTPR attended  a Council meeting in support of the bike week and the bike group.  The mayor was very supportive and Council will officially proclaim the bike week beginning on May 31.
Kevin said that Suncoast Cycles would have a safety checkup station at the Credit Union parking lot each weekday morning, and the CU will provide a ‘celebration station’ on Monday afternoon.  On Sunday 6th June the cyclists will start from the CU parking lot and ride to the OA market.
Mitchell Bros. will provide a case of apples (approx. $40.), the CU will sponsor, and other sponsors are still being sought. This is to be finalized when Owen returns to town.

Other Business

Logo design/contest
The IG favored the smokestack logo.  A final decision will be made next meeting, May 31st. All who were going to consult current and ex mill employees on their opinions should do so before then!

Increasing working capacity
Invitation was sent out to 5 people.  Suzan said she would take part in support teams; Kelly says no to meetings but can help at events, info tables until the end of August; Rob maybe; no answer from Dave M. Betty F.   More people need to be contacted.  Wendy will follow up with Dolores De La Torre.

Support teams vs working groups – include Sandpoint diagram with invitation email to help explain what we need.

Need job descriptions and parameters for each team

Invite email list and especially those who attended T4T to join teams

Proposed green building project -tabled to next meeting

Email from Himalayan Chipko Foundation – TTPR will link to their website in our next email newsletter.


Rin feels permaculture is a perfect vehicle for to meet some of the goals of transition towns as the Transition model is based on it. She is willing to do some permaculture education which is focused on transition specifically, and sustainable community-building, rather than the usual gardening focus.

Rin will do an “Intro to Permaculture Design” workshop of approx. 12 content hours.  Wendy suggested a Friday evening and Saturday would be more acceptable for working people who cannot commit to a whole weekend. The suggested dates for the workshops are Friday Sept. 11 and Saturday Sept 12. All of us will think about a catchy name for it. We are aiming to include people interested in Transition, people interested in sustainable communities in general, AND people interested in Permaculture (but need to be clear that the workshop will not be garden-focused).

Fees and finances were discussed.  A minimum of 12 people are needed to break even.  14 to 16 people could be accommodated if rin teaches alone: with pre-trained volunteer team leaders (who get a cheaper or waived course fee) she could handle up to 25 people.

Rin will prepared an outline for the workshop and present it at the June 14 TTPR meeting.

Various venues were suggested to tie in with organizations, including the CRC, Unitarian Hall and the 7th Day Adventists (who provide community lunches and have a community garden). However the 7th Day Adventist church would not be available on a Saturday.

A pre-workshop talk to publicise the workshop was tentatively set for the afternoon of Sun 8th Aug. This would be “by donation” and would tie in with the start of the 50 mile challenge at the OA market earlier that afternoon.

It was also suggested that the Ministerial Association be contacted to see if the churches are willing to get involved in transition projects.  This will be done at a later date.

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