Initiating Group meeting 2010-06-14 June 14th


Pre-Meeting Report


Meeting Report

Present: Barry Bookout, Robert Southcott, Kevin Wilson, Wendy Pelton, Julie Thorne, Dolores De La Torre, Liz Milward, Susan Jersak
Guests: Meghan Hildebrand, Rin Innes

Meghan attended a pre-meeting to discuss the logo.It was agreed that the hulks at the mill pond are clearly a Powell River feature and she was asked to create a logo to include that idea.


Treasurer: The treasurer reported that the account is in good order. Wendy did not buy juice for Bike to Work Week, and offered to donate baking, so no expenses for that.
Forum: The Forum is now available on the website.

Event Schedule

June 9 – Chamber of Commoners: debrief: a couple of people signed up for the solar workshop.  There was also interest in green residential housing and local currency.
Friday June  18 home movie: The home movie will be at Susan’s place at 7 pm.  So far  5-6 people have expressed interest in attending.  For details re parking please call (604) 485-6322.
July home movie: Graham will host the July movie – ‘Life after Growth’ –  date to be set – for info call Graham (604) 485-5409.

Connecting with Other Groups

50-mile challenge: The information is now on the website. Giovanni would like to get a email from volunteers.  Wendy and Dolores offered to volunteer.
10/10/10 work party: this is a world wide organization that wants to implement practical CO2 reduction and their purpose is to show governments that people want real action.  Top suggestions for activities include:
 a vegetarian cooking workshop and pot luck party promoting the UN’s Meatless Mondays campaign as an ongoing project
 – a day of mass bus rides
 A list of all the suggestions will go on the website to get input and encourage other organizations to get involved.
A Taste of Powell River: the name has been changed to Home Grown. TTPR has booked an ad.
Skookum/kale force coordination: Kevin set up a spreadsheet for a table at the market, but no signups yet.  A hands-on workshop on building solar dehydrators is planned for Wed. July 14 after the regular Kale Force potluck.  Jack Anderson will be there building a more advanced food dryer as well as the basic cardboard ones we plan to build. A pre-build session will be scheduled so that some people will have experience and can lead groups, and we can pin down design and materials list. Barry, Kevin, Julie and Rob are interested.

Working Groups

Transportation: no report
Local Currency: Barry said there will be a small group meeting tomorrow.  Interest was expressed by Aaron Pinch and  Kim  Miller at the Chamber of Commerce.  Peter Vorster (Courtenay) would like to do a presentation in Powell River.  The credit Union is interested in this initiative.

Rob Southcott suggest another possible working group on health care.  Liz volunteered to work with him on this.  Kevin will publicise in the next newsletter and ask for interested parties to contact Rob.

Other Business

Logo design/contest: see above – pre-meeting with Meghan.

Job descriptions for support teams:  descriptions are needed for:
admin team (secretary, treasurer and webmaster) –  Sue volunteered to work on this with another member of the IG
outreach team – Wendy volunteered to work with Kevin
publicity team – draft done by Julie and Wendy
workshops – not taken up yet

Graham – proposed green building project: Barry attended a meeting.  The discussion included identifying a piece of land, educational workshops to build green, and construction techniques.

Michelle C re Island/coastal meeting: Michelle set out info on a coastal/Island meeting and would like to coordinate with Powell River. David P suggested a Skype conference call instead.
David P re local radio station: His message has been circulated.  An initiative headed by Paul McIsaac to re-start a community radio station is underway.  A meeting will be held on June 28.

Beyond Survival podcast link is:
http:/ 43 38-08 00.

Permaculture Workshop

Rin outlined  details of the contents of the permaculture workshop which includes – ethics and principles of peramaculture, design, links to the community, functional analysis, energy resources, etc.  The fees were agreed upon.  14-15 people are needed to break even.
The schedule is:
Sunday August 15 – 3pm – 5 pm – pre-talk at U Hall or CRC
Friday Sept. 10 – 6 pm– 9 pm – first part of workshop – U Hall
Saturday Sept. 10  – 9 am – 6 pm – second part of workshop

We agreed to follow up this workshop a week later with a day of visioning and working group formation / expansion. This would be Sunday 19th Sept at the U Hall: by donation: brown bag lunch. Kevin will check date conflicts on the community calendar for all these dates.

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