Initiating Group meeting 2010-06-28 June 28th


Meeting Report

Present: Kevin, Liz, Owen, Barry, Sue


Treasurers report: presented and accepted

Forum – the Forum is now available on the website

Facebook –  photos have been added, but no text.  Barry will ask Milo to contact Kevin to provide the text.

Events Schedule

June Debriefs:

June 16 – Air Quality Forum – The attendance was low. Barry and Owen discussed various issues with Forestry and Fire service officers present, including composting.

June 17 – GHG emissions bylaw public hearing. Only one person spoke to the issue, felt that the bylaw should be stronger.

June 18 – Home Movie – About six people attended – most were not with TTPR.  A good discussion followed.

June 21 – Sustainability Charter open house – A reasonable number of people attended.  The displays were good.  Kevin talked with the Mayor who told him the gas tax ( a cent on a liter to be used to support alternate forms of transportation) is in progress.


July 8 – home movie – Claudia Medina’s short plus The Story of Stuff – This date conflicts with Kathaumiwx.  Kevin will contact Graham to re-schedule. The poster needed tweaking. Kevin will contact Wendy to suggest changes.  As usual, people will be needed to post them around town.

July 14 – Solar Dryers @ CRC after Kale Force. Use existing poster. Julie will make Around Town and online publicity entries.

August 15 – Permaculture talk and Sept. 10-11 workshop – Rin is working on the content.  Poster to come.

Sept. 16 – a Transition Convergence conference will be held in Seattle on a Thursday.

Sept. 19 – A visioning and working groups session will follow up on  the permaculture workshop.

Connecting with Other Groups

50-mile Challenge – Wendy is working on it.

10/10/10 – Kevin posted a couple of suggestions for activities on the the forum and the blog but so far, no response.  Kevin will post the whole list of possible activities on the forum and blog and also publicize the event in the newspaper. Sue will find out if the local radio station (SUN FM) is still in operation and whether they do community announcements and interviews, and costs if any.

Skookum/Kale Force Cooperation -Sue will contact David Parkinson to schedule TTPR at their table at the Farmers Market.

Working Groups

Transportation – Owen is waiting to get a debriefing on the Bike to Work Week. But he will have to wait until after the bike rally.  He feels that next year more businesses need to be involved.  Owen suggested that another bike maintenance workshop could be held in late August or early September at the Farmers Market. A letter written by Rosemary Entwistle was sent to the Ministry of Transportation regarding the lack of a safe sidewalk leading from the Marine Hotel to the Seawalk. Regarding bike lanes, the City seems to be moving in the direction of “Share the Road’ – also popular with other communities.  It is a cost saving to municipal governments but perhaps not the best solution for new bike users or less experienced cyclists.  There is also a move to provide more bike rings for parking bikes.

Another transportation initiative would be to use kits to replace gas engines with electric motors.  This is a program that could be done through the Brooks Mechanics program and Vancouver Island University Mechanics program.  This program may be viable as the replacement would cost around $2,000., a reduction of several thousands of dollars from the original kits.

Local Currency -A meeting was held and attended by Kim Miller, Chamber of Commerce; Dave  Craigen, Credit Union; Robin Morrison, Pat Hull, Rob Higgins and others.  Generally, it was agreed that a system inter-connected with the national currency is not a good idea.  It is important that local currency is ready to step in if there is a big national money crunch.  Key to the success of local currency is the involvement of local businesses. Other considerations – printing is expensive, use is limited, how to accelerate the use of local money and a viable system to use it etc.  The next steps are research and education.

Green Building -Graham has a working group.  Barry attended a couple of meetings and there is quite a bit of interest.  The idea of rammed earth construction was favorably received.  Other issues – earth installation, building inspection license and approvals.

Another possible project is to get municipal buy-in to install solar heat water systems/showers at Willingdon Beach. The suggestion was raised that VIU could use green house construction training in their carpentry class.

Health – tabled to next meeting

How to Start up Working Groups – tabled to next meeting

Other Business

Logo Design – Kevin will contact Meghan re a couple of changes

Job Descriptions – Wendy has sent one in on publicity, and submitted another on running an info-table.

Composting – The City has looked systems in other communities and they were either too big or too small.  It was agreed that if that is the case, we should support the one that is too small to get city composting underway. Owen will contact Maggie Hathaway for an update. Kevin suggested we look for links to support a composting program.  The following were suggested: Ministry of Forest, Augusta Recycling, the Fire Chief, Maggie Hathaway, Mary and Carol Engram, Farmers Institute, Regional District, and a city employee representative that actually deals with recycling.  Bring forward to next agenda.

Ministerial group Presentation – tabled to next meeting

How to deal with Single Issue Protests – tabled to next meeting

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