Initiating Group meeting 2010-07-12 July 12th

Present: Julie, Graham, Liz, Kevin, Rob, Sue, Wendy, Barry
Guest: Steve Unger


Treasurer’s Report – presented and accepted
Facebook – Wendy will ask Milo if he can commit to Facebook and if so, to contact Kevin.  If Milo doesn’t take it on, another person will have to be found.

Event Schedule

July 16  home movie – Claudia Medina’s short plus The Story of Stuff will be shown at Graham’s.  Ryan Barfoot contacted kevin about a class of students attending. Graham thinks about 18 students might attend but he has room for others. For info phone (604) 485-5409.
July 14 solar dryers @ CRC – Kevin and others showed the prototype they built.  It took approx. one hour to build, works great on herbs.  Posters are up at Mall, on Marine Avenue, south of town and Tourist Bureau.  Materials needed for workshop were discussed.  Kale Force will hold their meeting at 5 pm and people are welcome to attend.  The solar dryer workshops begins at 7 pm.
August 15 – Permaculture – Wendy will talk to Rin re poster content – omit word ‘pre-talk’ from poster.  Julie will contact Rin and invite her to the next IG meeting, and to discuss a location for the presentation and to  discuss out-of-town participation.
September 10-11 – Reminder of permaculture workshop date
September 16 in Seattle – reminder of Transition Convergence
September 19 – visioning and working groups session reminder. To be organised at the next IG meeting.

Connecting with other Groups

50- mile challenge/Skookum/Kale Force – Sue said she could staff a table at the Thursday evening market. Kevin will send her contact info for the organiser. Wendy said she would do some Saturdays at the Farmers Market – Kevin will send her Jesse’s contact info and email the latest flyers and handouts to print and take along.
10/10/10 work party – The only response has been from Eva Van Loon.  We decided to go with one of the suggestions already made, and selected a workshop on meatless cooking followed by a meatless pot luck feast.  Other suggestions – involve bookstores to do displays of vegetarian cookbooks, ask the Brooks Culinary training to participate, include Mountain Ash preserves, and see if interest can be stimulated for this event. We may also tie it to the Celebration of Local Food.

Working Groups

Transportation – Liz said a meeting is being planned.
Local Currency – Barry said there was a no show for the Friday meeting but he did speak with Robin Morrison.  Barry suggested that during the summer he would set up meetings with individuals rather try for meetings.  Question – what will work for the Chamber of Commerce, Credit Union etc., needs to be addressed.  Barry will ask Robin is she is willing to take on the local currency initiative working group.  He will support where he can while he is out of town and continue to research the many initiatives underway .
Green Building – Graham said there was a good response.  Seven people came to the meeting including contractors, mechanical engineers, and David Moore with CHMC experience.  One person wants to start a company.  There was great interest in the rammed earth method.  Three main ideas were discussed.
1 – Develop a registry to provide easy access to info for people who are interested in green building and also to have a questionnaire to find connections to knowledgeable personnel.
2 – Do a demonstration project  of a rammed earth, solar-powered building, possibly a Willingdon Beach washroom/shower room with a solar shower, and expand to other campsites/parks.
3 – Create a group and combine talents to design residences.
Another area to research is  green renovation  of older buildings.
Health – No action has been taken, however there are plans to develop a working group.

How to start up a Working Group

Some of the following suggestions were put forward:

  • read guidelines for starting groups
  • prepare a list of who to invite – use the existing resource registries
  • find a time and place to meet
  • relate working groups to TTPR at the start, and set the climate change/peak oil context.
  • no fixed agenda – let group develop their own ideas
  • contact groups already working in the area of interest and be careful not to intrude on their activities but offer support
  • develop a registry of resources, tools, personnel
  • develop a list for suggested working groups (already exists online)
  • have a “working group interests” checkoff form as well as the email signup sheet at our info tables.

Other Business

Job Descriptions – Kevin received Wendy’s work on publicity and will review it with her.
Logo Design – Kevin will ask Meghan to attend the next meeting.
City/Regional composting – tabled to next meeting
Chicken Bylaw and Letter – Kevin circulated the letter he prepared for the Council and it was accepted.
Ministerial Group Presentation – Sue will look at the local websites and what is being done in other communities.  Liz will talk to a rep at the Anglican Church.  Discussion followed on what would be the advantages for the churches – community building, environmental stewardship, promotion of social justice e.g. local food supplies.  How could they help – put TTPR posters on their bulletin boards, include sermons on how their congregations can support green initiatives.

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