Initiating Group meeting 2010-07-26 Jul 26th


Present: Julie, Liz, Kevin, Owen, Susan, Barry, Wendy
Absent: Graham, Rob, Dolores
Guests: Rosemary Entwistle, Rin


Treasurer’s Report – presented and accepted

Facebook – Wendy said Milo will not be taking on Facebook at this time.  Another volunteer will have to be found.

Events Schedule

July 16 home movie – no report

July 14 – solar dryers @CRC – Kevin said that 16 people attended and 10 dryers were made.  Kevin suggested that a more efficient dryer be constructed for future workshops.  The leftover materials will be stored at Kevin’s.

August 19th home movie – Sue is willing to host the home movie.  Julie will look into getting ‘Farm for the future’ or another movie involving food production.  Rosemary suggested involving film students to create a movie on transition type projects in Powell River.  Kevin will contact the film people with this suggestion.

Permaculture & Visioning – see below.

Connecting with other groups

50 mile challenge/Skookum/Kale force – smaller crowds are going to the market.  TTPR may continue to staff a table on an ad hoc basis.

10/10/10 work party –  Still waiting for a response from the public. David Parkinson expressed interest in a spin-off organizing committee.  The meatless cooking project and pot luck is the current choice, the purpose is to encourage people to do a one-day-a-week meatless day.  Bring forward: contact Brooks Culinary Program to see if they would be interested.  Another suggestion – see if restaurants would be interested in participating and feature a meatless meal.

Sea to sky outdoor school programs – Ryan B – This is a four day leadership training program for students.  The IG is willing to sponsor or partially sponsor a student but the costs need to be determined before a commitment is given.

Working groups

Local Currency – Barry said Robin Morrison wants more info re Transition Town.  The TT book will be loaned to her.  Barry would like to invite Robin to an IG meeting.  Barry has not met with people individually as he’s too busy.  However he has made a couple of contacts and there is still interest.  Rob Higgins suggested a play-acting session to demonstrate how local currency could work.

Transportation – Owen reported on the transportation working group meeting. The Bike initiative (ride your bike to work) will continue and bike lanes in PR.  Owen wants  a stronger promotion for Bike to Work Week with more businesses involved next year. Rosemary’s letter re a sidewalk to the Seawalk has been forwarded to the Dept. of Hwys as they are responsible for that stretch of road.  No response as yet. Maggie Hathaway will set up a meeting with Brian Atkinson, District Operations Managers for the Dept. of Highways, and Nicholas Simons. A meeting has been set up with Stewart Alsgard re bus schedules and the gas tax on Fri. Aug. 20th at 10 am.  Stewart has been asked to relevant invite staff members.  Points for discussion – how TTPR can help; will the gas tax money be spent on green transportation and will there be public input; extension of routes, time lines and tie-in with ferry and Malaspina Coach Line schedules.

Green Building – no report

Health – no report

Other Business

Permaculture talk and workshop – Wendy and Rin will work on the poster for the talk and the following workshop. Rin has permission from CRC to use their premises for the Visions of Resilience intro talk on 15th August.  Kevin agreed to give an intro to Transition at the talk and at the workshop.  He will put out a request for volunteers on our email newsletter. Rin would like volunteer helpers to assist with running activities during the workshop It was suggested that volunteers get half their registration fee as payment.  It was also suggested that  people be given a small reduction for early registration – deadline suggested – Sept. 5.  There was a discussion on some of the details of the presentation.  Kevin requested that Rin give him an outline.  Maximum attendance for the workshop – 30 people if volunteer helpers are present. Julie will do online ads for the permaculture workshop. Kevin to send working group mission statements to rin. Julie may be willing to do registration for the workshop.

Sunday September 19 -A visioning and working group session will be held.  Purpose: to do positive visioning and to set up working groups.  Ideas for the session: present Transition Town concept, visioning activities, vision board, mind mapping, invite general public and groups. Location TBA: VIU? French Club? Union Hall? Publicity: needs to go out to groups in time for them to contact their members.

We’re not feeling very inspired about this ourselves yet: Kevin to find visioning/working group materials to help us get fired up.

Job descriptions – tabled

Logo design: Meghan is willing to make changes, but she is away until mid – August.

Ministerial group presentation – tabled

Sustainable Coast online magazine contacted us wishing to do an article about TTPR.

Additions to agenda

Composting – Owen spoke with Maggie Hathaway.  The City has discussed this green initiative but no action has as yet been taken.  Maggie said Debbie Dee is the city contact for this. Sue will talk to Colin Palmer and Debbie to see what is being done and request any reports on this subject. The Fire Chief and Forestry are also concerned about tree and yard waste and may, at a later date, be involved in these discussions.

Urban chickens – Liz said the Careerlink/youth pilot project is going forward.  By-law discussions have been deferred as there is concern re how to protect wild life and chickens in an urban setting.  While the letters against this bylaw change were read, those supporting it were not.  It was suggested Liz email the city clerk to ask if the support letters have been received and also to get a copy of the Minutes of the meeting where this was discussed. Sue will look on the Internet to find out how other small urban communities are handling protection of chickens from predators.

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  1. brenda grealis - August 17, 2010

    hello folks, i was at a meeting in July where a documentary was shown and lots of students were present. I am very interested in joining up with this project and see that there is a meeting next Monday, August 23’10
    I am unable to access the map regarding location in Cranberry and will give Kevin a call. I am the woman who spoke about living on an organic farm co-operative in the fraser valley for the past ten years. Please email me any infor regarding this great initiative.

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