Initiating Group meeting 2010-08-16 Aug 16th


Present: Kevin, Julie, Wendy, Sue

Absent: Graham, Dolores, Owen, Liz


Treasurer’s Report – reviewed and accepted. It was agreed to pay $50. to Rin for her presentation on August 15th.

Facebook – page now has content and events added. Julie will update events from now on.

Events Schedule

August 19 movie – rescheduled to August 27th – movie ‘No Impact Man’ at Sue’s, 7 pm Phone 604-485-6322 for parking info.

August 15 – Permaculture Workshop – time to push publicity. Julie will make prints, Wendy and Kevin will work on poster. David P. wants details of the workshop so he can distribute and Wendy will forward them to him. Details for the workshop were worked out. Kevin will do the registration.

September 19 – re-scheduled to October 24th @ Unitarian Hall – Visioning and working groups session.

Morning – visioning session – post fossil fuel future

Afternoon – working groups – various areas of interest

November 7th – addition to agenda – Celebration of local food

Connecting with other Groups

50 Mile challenge/Skookum/Kale Force – Wendy has been staffing the table at the Farmers Market and is will to continue. She is getting a good response.

10/10/10 work party – six people to date have volunteered for work on this. Kevin will follow up.

Sea to Sky Outdoor School Programs – It was agreed to give a $100. sponsorship to a student from Powell River.

Working Groups

Transportation – tabled

Green Building – activities underway. Graham will be asked to attend the next meeting for an update.

Local Currency – Wendy said Barry is working on this with a focus to setting up individual meetings with local business people.

Health – tabled

Other Business

Job descriptions – tabled

Logo Design – tabled

Sue checked out chicken care and by-laws, protection from animals – loads of information is available.

City/Regional Composting – Sue will follow up.

Ministerial Group presentation – Sue looked up all the churches in Powell River and noted those that are involved in food program. Kevin agreed to work on a presentation with her for the Ministerial Group. Emphasis will be on transitioning from high CO2 to low emissions, to stewardship issues and how it connects to the work we do, care of the earth and how pastoral duties can fit in. Goal: to get churches to take on one aspect of transition goals.

Zero Carbon Concert – a world wide event November 27-28. Info will be passed on to Cory and other musicians.

Request from Liz Webster, VCU – Kevin agreed to give a talk about Transition at the Global Studies class in the fall.

Film School – March-June 2011 – Kevin spoke with Tony P who expressed an interest

in the concept of filming transition type projects and activities in Powell River.

NOTE: next meeting, Monday August 20th, 2010 at 12:15 pm.

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