Initiating Group meeting 2010-09-27 Sept 27th


Present: Kevin, Liz, Judy, Owen, Susan


Treasurer’s Report – reviewed and accepted.

Events Schedule

Sep 25/26 – Fall Fair – Kevin said about 10 people signed on for TTPR email. He felt the location was poor near the entrance, but no parking was allowed in that area. Also the location was poor for the bike safety check and suggested we reconsider doing it again at the Fall Fair as it is unlikely many cyclists will turn up. Frank has an electric bike and people were interested in that. It was suggested that a ‘show and tell’ event for electric bicycles might capture the public interest.

Oct 1 – Home movie – Sue reported that to date six people have indicated they will attend. She asked that anyone from the IG group let her know asap if they plan to attend.

Oct 10 – 10/10/10 meatless potluck Feast – venue confirmed at the Unitarian Hall

Oct 24 – Visioning and working groups session – confirmed at the Unitarian Hall 10 – 4 pm

Nov 7 – Celebration of Local Food – Kevin will book Four Square Church and send an email sample of an invitation to invite people to participate at food tables.

Connecting with Other Groups

Sea to Sky Program – Ryan B has not yet responded to IG proposal.

Sep 17 Home Grown Potluck – About 50 people came.

Oct 1, 4pm – fyi – the Community Radio Society Society JUMP-FM will hold its AGM at the Life Cycle Housing Common Room, 4949 Ontario Avenue. Parking available only in the turn circle prior to entrance to Life Cycle project.

Oct 4 – Murray Dobbin Talk – the talk will take place at Vancouver Island University – & pm start – subject “Globalization, Local Food and Powell River”.

Oct 18 –9 am – Sue will attend the Local Development communications at the City Hall.

Working Groups

Local Currency – no report

Green Building – no report

Transportation – highlights from working group meeting – Nick Hauser, a solar electrician, shared in experiences with an electric scooter and after the meeting allowed people to ride it.

Wendy Chrinko, Frank’s wife from Suncoast Cycle, also shared her experiences with an electric-assist bike.

The absence of promised bike lanes and ‘share the road’ signs will be discussed at a meeting with Maggie Hathaway to discuss how to further these aims.

Stewart Alsgard promises a more comprehensive buss service by Jan 2011.

Free Bikes for the Community was discussed and referred to this IG meeting to plan next steps. The IG agreed that some further research and input is needed from other groups before setting up a meeting to develop a proposal. Sue will contact Career Link to look into the possibility of funding for a researcher for this and other TTPR projects.

Maggie Hathaway promises that Nicholas Simons will discuss the Marine Avenue walking lane with the Dept. of Highways manager in the near future.

Owen noted that the Bike Safety Check at the Fall Fair was poorly attended.\

Other Business

Logo – As soon as a venue id decided Kevin will contact Meghan to do an exhibit.

City-Regional Composting – Susan met with Debbie Dee and Colin Palmer.

Colin said a plan almost complete to create a zero waste stream. The report will be presented to the committee of All, but the city will have to wait until the Province approves of the plan before action can be taken.

Deb said a study of Kelowna was done two years ago re the Solid Waste Stream and had a problem with odor. She suggested we contact Richard Stogre in City Hall Engineering to learn more. She noted that the city has already stopped using styrofoam, plastic water bottles and is using recyclable coffee cups.

Deb also noted that a solid waste management plan is almost complete.

Ministerial Group Presentation – at 1:30 pm at Sue’s place to discuss the presentation.

Nov 10 – Using CRC for TTPR events after Kale Force meetings – Weatherproofing/energy saving needs a lead organizer and was tabled. Kevin will contact Graham to see if he will take the lead in this. In its place a community bike project meeting will be held.

Next Meeting – please note change of day – Wednesday Oct 13 2010 at 12:15 at 5865 Mowat Avenue

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