Initiating Group Meeting 2010-10-13 Oct 13th


Present: Kevin, Owen, Graham, Rosemary, Rob, Liz, Susan, Wendy


Treasurer’s Report – reviewed and accepted.

Event Schedule

Oct 1 – Home Movie – ‘ No Impact Man’ Susan said 8 people came. Altogether 16 people called but had to cancel for various reasons. Rosemary introduced a good discussion on what those present were doing to reduce their impact on the world.

Oct 10 – 10/10/10 – Kevin said about 35 people showed up. The food was great. He said more volunteers are needed to help out.

Oct 24 – Visioning and working groups session – This event will take place on the 24th. Keven prepared a schedule for discussion that was discussed in detail and ideas put forward.

DO – Posters need to be put up asap.

DO – A work party will meet at Kevin’s at 7 pm on Oct 23.

Nov 7 – Celebration of Local Food – This event will take place at Four Square Gospel Church from 2 – 5 pm. Some invitations have gone out, more invitations need to go out. People were asked to invite groups and/or individuals for this event.

Nov 10 – Bike Project Public Meeting – tabled to a later date

Connecting with Other Groups

Oct 1 – 4 pm – The Pr Community Radio Society held their AGM. No one from IG attended.

Oct 4 – Murray Dobbin talk – This event was well attended and presented. There was a good cross-section of people.

Oct 18 – Local Development Communications – Susan will attend this meeting on Monday.

Working Groups

Local Currency – Rob Higgins is trying to get interest in the LETS program. He has info from the TT program.

Green Building – Graham said the group is going ahead with the pros and cons of design exercises that looks into the green enhancement of new buildings. He said retrofitting old buildings may be a project for research.

The Haywire Bay Wilderness Camp has green buildings as a topic for discussion.

Transportation – See attached report

Other Business

Wendy joined the meeting earlier to discuss funding projects for the projects she proposed to TTPR. Various options were discussed to get research money from the available grants. As the deadline for the first funding opportunity is imminent, a meeting to prepare an application will be held at Breakwater Books at 10:30 on Monday Oct 18. Wendy, Liz, Kevin and Susan will attend.

Logo – Meghan is unable to attend the exhibit at the upcoming event

City/regional composting – tabled

Ministerial Association – Kevin and Susan prepared a letter to send to the Ministerial Association that was read and approved by the IG.

DO – Susan will get the info on where to send the letter.

Next meeting – Nov 15 2010 @ 1215

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