Initiating Group meeting 2010-11-08 Nov 8th


Notes from a meeting of the Initiating Group, Transition Town Powell River, held on November 8, 2010 at 12:15 noon at 5865 Mowatt Avenue, Powell River

Present: Julie Thorne, Kevin Wilson, Liz Milward, Owen Gaskell, Susan Jersak


Treasurer’s Report – reviewed and accepted

Event Schedule

Nov. 7 – Celebration of Local Food – 25 – 30 people attended, a low attendance compared to last year, however good connections were made between groups and 10 tables were staffed. A discussion followed whether this event should be staged next year, and if so where and how. One suggestion was to go back to Cranberry Hall, another was to see if a church would be willing to take it on.

Christmas Party – Owen will discuss with Daphne whether they will host this year’s Christmas party. Date will be in early December and it will be a pot luck and a DVD ‘Turning Point’ could be shown. The Christmas party is for the initiating group and members could bring another person if they wish.

Connecting with other Groups

No Impact Challenge – Brooks Student Group – Kevin said there is a very active student initiative working on this with many ideas. TTPR could take on this challenge probably in late January.

Monthly article for Immanence – It was agreed that a monthly article would be onerous for members to take on. Sue will contact Cory to inform him that PRTT will do articles from time to time and find out when the next print issue is scheduled.

Ministerial Group Presentation – A letter has been written and signed and ready to for mailing.

Lund – Folks in Lund are interested in showing DVDs similar to the TTPR evening movies in PR. It was suggested that TTPR could do a presentation at Lund movie night on transition towns and on what is being done in PR.

Re home movies in PR – It was suggested we start up again in January.

Working Groups

Green Building – no report. This group is meeting on a regular basis.

Transportation – On Nov 2 Owen attended a meeting at Nicolas Simon’s office where PRCA presented a proposal of a cycling master plan for the PR Regional District. All present agreed to the plan in general. Another meeting early in the new year will be arranged. Owen will contact a regional rep. Don Turner at the RD will be sent a copy of the plan and bring it up on a planning meeting.

Also on Nov. 2 an Alternative Transportation meeting was held. It was agreed to postpone the ‘Show and Tel” electrical vehicles event until sprint 2011. Owen updated members about the new sharrows (share the road) and bike lanes, advising them that signage may not be until spring 2011.

Community bike sharing was tabled because most reports indicate that they work in more densely populated areas and that people have to take ownership of this program. This program will be revisited at a later date.

Bus service and walking safely were briefly discussed as was the idea of a ‘carbon card’ – those using less fuel would receive a rebate. No action will be taken at this time.

Owen reported the Dept. of Hwys put in four cyclist signs and are in agreement with the plan that was presented. A long range plan is needed for Marine Avenue to Townsite and Wildwood.

Other Business

Project Funding – Kevin, David Parkinson and Susan met with Wendy and worked out some of the details of the funding application. Wendy will work with Rhodes to develop and website to connect consumers/producers, mentors/apprentices re food and composting programs. The grant application was sent in on time.

Kevin suggested that the IG think of projects that could be funded. Liz suggested an updated local food production study could be done, another idea was – can PR feed itself, and a project to look at green business possibilities.

PRRD RFP – has put out a request for a Waste Management Education Program to design and execute an educational program. Kevin asked if TTPR would be interested it taking it on but members felt they already had too much on their plate. Susan will contact Drewen Young to see if she is interested.

Visioning activities with Students – Ryan Barefoot is out of town The students are eager but activities are on hold until his return.

Great Unleashing in May ? – It was agreed that this event would be premature for May.

Turning Point Movie – see above.

AGM requirements – TTPR is unincorporated. This item will be put on the agenda for the next IG meeting.

BC Hydro Earthopoly – It was agreed to purchase this for $20.

BC Oil Poster – It was agreed to purchase a kit for $17.

Free School/Trade School reskilling Workshops – Tabled

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