Initiating Group meeting 2010-12-06 Dec 6th


Present: Julie Thorne, Kevin Wilson, Rosemary Entwistle,Liz Milward. Owen Gaskell,Cynthia Barnes, Rob Southcott, Susan Jersak


Treasurer’s Report – reviewed and accepted

Agreed to donate $50. to the following – Kyoto Twist, CJUMP, Skookum (for cider press)

Event Schedule

Christmas Party – A pot luck will be held at Owen and Daphne’s on Sunday December 12th at 6 pm and will include a movie ‘Turning Point’.

January 16, 2011 – A strategic planning day will be held from 12 – 4 pm at Kevin’s. A pot luck will start from 12 to 1 pm. The main items will be a review, revisit the12 steps that came out of the Visioning Meeting and set the focus for the coming year.

Connecting with Other Groups

Meeting with Brooks – Kevin, Liz, Owen and Graham met with Kathy Rockwell re No Impact Challenge. Kathy was very receptive to Transition Town and offered to connect us to the right staff person for events/projects. The next ‘No Impact Challenge’ will start January 3rd.

Ministerial Group – There has been no response to the letter sent requesting a meeting We will follow up in early January.

Working Groups

Green Building – Kevin said this group is making progress on finding a demo project. The group meets regularly and and is very active.

Transportation – Rosemary sent a letter to the City to request coordination of bus schedules with the ferries.

Owen reported that the City has passed a resolution to buy and install signs for share the road and bicycle lanes.

BC Transport requires increased ridership before they will increase bus schedules. The City is also required to make a contribution.

Other Business

BC Hydro Earthopoly – TTPR will not purchase the game

Buy Oil Poster – not purchased yet

Energy Awareness Kit – Kevin bought a thermometer that can scan a house for hot spots to detect heat leakage.

Other Possible Activities – tabled to January planning meeting

December – free audio workshop tele-seminar re shift from consumer to conserver – Dec. 14 – raising funds, Dec. 21 – Being a Light in the Darkness

Report on TTT – The IG was asked to review the report on TTT and bring their ideas to the planning meeting in January. Liz will compile any ideas sent in before then for the meeting. Send info Kevin.

PBS DVD – Susan recommended TTPR purchase a DVD ‘Fixing the Future’. It can be viewed by googling and look for NOW (David Broncaccio) and the title.

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