Initiating Group meeting 2010-02-22 Feb 22


Pre-Meeting Report


Treasurer: We have money. Checks have arrived.

Event Schedule

Jan 31: “Home energy conservation” workshop: Pictures received from Jason/Nola, Kevin has added them to the blog. Julie sent a card of thanks each to Nola, Vic and David for their help.
Feb 10th:
Chamber of Commoners – Very good social event, made contact with more people and publicised activities.
Feb 20th: Film Festival: HomeGrown – Kevin brought TTPR info and displayed along with the Farmers Institute and Seedy Saturday. Quite a lot of interest in Urban Gardening workshops. Excellent movie, very inspiring.
Feb 21st: Robin Wheeler talk – We had an info display table and had quite a bit of interest in garden workshops, some in T4T.
Feb 25th: Rebuilding Regional Resilience: A Roundtable
Letters and lots of emails have been sent out, 27 people so far RSVP’ed yes (one from Texada).  I plan to send a reminder to all groups who have RSVP’ed, that they can bring brochures etc to put on the info table.

Connecting with other groups

Immanence article – Wendy wrote and submitted – published.
Kevin attended “Local  Development Communications Committee” meeting Feb 15. Low attendance but publicised our upcoming events. Lyn Adamson of Careerlink is planning a project for this summer which involves job creation for several people to build up to 10 “urban” chicken coops of varying designs, and place them on lots around the city as a pilot project. The Mayor supported the idea of allowing this as a pilot project within the existing bylaws.
Possible Earth Day event Apr 24 – no details yet.
Texada Chamber of Commerce contacted us asking for a Transition speaker late in March. I replied saying Yes, waiting for more details and a date.

Meeting Report

Event Schedule

Feb event debriefs: see pre-meeting report
Feb 25th: Rebuilding Regional Resilience: A Roundtable. Kevin, Liz, Wendy, Owen, Graham will attend. Julie will come if needed. Kevin will call Arlette and Paul to finalise details.
Mar 21st urban garden workshops at U Hall Need poster, handbills before Seedy Sat.
Mar 26th Home Movie at Susan’s – Who Killed the Electric Car. Posters are ready, we will do minimal postering, Around Town entry, word of mouth at Seedy Saturday.
Apr 10/11: Training for Transition in PR. Kevin in contact with Michelle, ongoing, as registrar. Fri/Sat looks better than Sat/Sun: 17 possible attendees identified so far:billeting OK but NOT B&B at Owen’s due to conference in town: possible scholarships for youth? students? TTPR offer one full scholarship and ask other biz’s and orgs to do likewise.
Apr 16th – 18th: Home Show? Leave till next year. Possible co-booth with VIU, do a scavenger hunt for green building aspects.
Apr 24th: Open Air Market opens – Earth Day. If we have to choose, would rather do Earth Day.
mid-May: Art event or ?? Move art event to fall – another very similar contest/event by another group is scheduled for May. Working group startup event perhaps? Visioning without making it such an elaborate art thing?

Connecting with other groups

Nothing new.

Other business

GHG emission reduction targets – worked through workbook from City meeting together. Kevin will send it in.
Logo design/contest – posters are up. Wendy and Kevin will adapt the MLC guidelines for our use.
Local Currency – bring this up as a possible project at RRR:R. Invite local currency people to RRR.
Apr 19th is National Hanging Out Day (hang your laundry outside). Maybe at Earth Day? Borrow a umbrella-type dryer and hang paper clothing on it with slogans. Let people write their own slogans and hang them up.

Workshop ideas
Jam & jelly making
Cooking without fossil fuels
saving money by going green…
alternatives to microwaving
fixing things
mending and sewing
smart local shopping
food storage
Bike maintenance
Solar ovens – Kev ask Jack Anderson. Dehydrator too?
fermented foods – Kev ask around FI. Wolfgang?
community publishing (Eva)
build a bike trailer
cheese and yogurt making

Liz Lane at the CRC is interested in doing this with us – they would charge us $25 same as the U Hall. She says: “The workshop space we have been using is the “Cafe” area in the front. There is also the kitchen. Generally we have been doing workshops on weekends, but tuesdays, weds and friday mornings are generally available as well as long as no-one minds minor traffic. And there’s evenings except tuesdays and wednesdays.”

Owen reports that
1. Caroline Stoddard says she will consider a bee keeping workshop if it is “hands on” (ouch)
2. The two volunteer bike mechanics are willing and able to help give a bike maintenance workshop and we have one set of tools and two bike stands
3. We finally got the list of people at the alternative transportation meeting and I will arrange a meeting of whomever is interested in approaching City Council with some walking and biking suggestions.
Bike Maint – could we do a tune-up at the Winter Market (which happens at the CRC, where the tools are) rather than waiting for the end of April, and schedule a “how to do your own maint” as a follow-on.

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  1. Derryl Cocks - March 27, 2010

    Hi There

    We are looking into getting a logo designed for Transition Richmond Virginia in the US and possibly holding a logo design competition. A google search revealed that you have designed a poster. Would I be able to get a copy of the poster for ideas of initiating a logo design competition?

    Thank You


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