Initiating Group meeting 2010-01-25 Jan 25th


Present: Kevin, Liz, Wendy, Owen, Susan, Julie


Treasurer’s Report

We have money. Liz needs to go in to the CU and pick up the ATM card. We have not received cheques yet – Liz will contact CU to see if they were ordered, and re-order if needed.

There is a Transition Canada mulling group online. Julie and Kevin will join up and follow along. Kevin to send information to Keith Shackleton to sign us up.

Event Schedule

Jan 21: home movie at Graham’s: “In Transition 1.0” – debrief.
We had most of our initiating group plus Trish and Milo plus 2 community members attending, about 9 people. For the next home movie, we should increase the publicity to get more people from the community aware and attending. More posters, entry in Around Town. We had a good discussion after the movie and excellent snacks courtesy of Trish, Graham, Milo and Wendy.

Jan 31: “Home energy conservation” workshop – publicity is ongoing. Very few reservations yet. Materials donation – Kevin will call Vic again today, and call the other presenters.

Feb 1st: SD47 Leadership in Sustainability – info table – Henderson gym 12-1. Setup 10 – 11:30. Kevin, Susan, Wendy and maybe Liz will attend, we will set up at around 11:00.

Feb 10th: 7pm Rodmay Hotel – Chamber of Commoners: info table. 1/2 table, setup 6-6:30. Owen, Wendy, Kevin and Julie will attend.

Feb 12th: Home movie at Wendy’s. Age of Stupid – we will put out more posters and an Around Town notice.

Feb 20th: Film Festival: HomeGrown 10am, Petropolis 12:30. We’d like to attend, maybe have an info table.

Feb 21st: Robin Wheeler talk with FI – info from David P:
On Sunday February 21, the Powell River Food Security Project is hosting a two-hour workshop titled “Get Going, Get Growing!”, at the Community Resource Centre at 4752 Joyce Ave. in Powell River. The growing season is coming up fast, and Robin has all kinds of tips for those of us who are thinking about how we can grow more, grow smarter, and grow for a longer season this year. She’ll be leading participants through the basics of small-scale sustenance gardening; how to use the micro-climate zones and different soil and light conditions in your growing space; garden mapping; mulching and other low-effort time-savers; and much more. If you’ve ever wanted to get started on the growing season with some real plans under your belt, this is the workshop for you!

Because Seedy Saturday coming soon (March 13), Robin will also be talking about the importance of locally grown and saved seeds and how to plan your garden to make room for dedicated seed-saving. She’ll talk about the importance of starting and supporting a local group of committed seed-savers, like the local seed-saving project that the Farmers’ Institute has sponsored here.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Robin’s workshop on Sunday in Powell River can call David Parkinson at (604) 485-2004. The cost is $5.

We can share an information table at this event with Seedy Saturday, splitting the pool table at the CRC between us.

Feb 25th: Rebuilding Regional Resilience: A Roundtable
Kevin called Paul S and he agreed to facilitate the event for us. Kevin is continuing to work on finalising the invitation with VIU. Wendy is working on the poster.

Connecting with other groups

Seeds came from Dan Jason for Sliammon community garden. Kevin to contact the garden organisers and get the seeds to them.
Jan 26 GHG emission reduction targets meeting – Kevin and Wendy will go.
Jan 28 public meeting on sea level rise – Liz and Wendy will go.
Kevin met mayor Jan 22 – explained to him what TT is all about, left him with reading materials and the Transition Movie DVD. Kevin to attend “Local  Development Communications Committee” meeting monthly at council offices.

Other business

Transportation Meeting – Owen and Susan attended. The Mayor really wants citizens to make transportation-related suggestions for the city to act on. Arising out of this, it was suggested that we try to get the list of who attended the original meeting and contact them and others about starting up a TTPR Transport working group. Owen will contact Wayne from the bike club, and the womens’ bike club via Wayne to see if they are interested.

T Training in Courtenay, Jan 30-31 2010:  Cancelled due to not enough people booking. Veronica and Michelle are looking for an alternative date later in the spring. Could we have it here in PR? Owen will keep in touch with Veronica and Michelle and suggest that. We could do March 27/28 and Owen, Julie, Wendy would be able to make that weekend. Kevin will ask Brownie about the U Hall for that weekend.

Logo design/contest: we discussed parameters for the logo and how to organise and publicise the contest. Logo needs to be suitable for brochures, posters and business cards; in color or B&W; illustrate the concept of Transition or transformation; be simple enough to read well at a small scale.

Workshop ideas – beekeeping? Breadmaking? Solar ovens? Food Storage for Dummies (Aug/Sep)? Smart Local Shopping (food and otherwise)? We should contact Liz Lane at the CRC about perhaps collaborating on these.

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