Initiating Group meeting 2010-03-08 March 8th


Pre-meeting Report


Treasurer: We have money.
Sorry no meeting minutes for last time. Kevin is up to his neck in Seedy Saturday. (Minutes posted Mar 20th)

Connecting with other groups

Texada Chamber of Commerce – Kevin will go and tell them about Transition March 26th
Nola Poirier has posted about our energy saving workshop on her blog:
it will also go out in BC Hydro’s “connected” newsletter
Transition Canada has been formed. More info and website to come. Michelle Colussi from Victoria is involved
Kevin proposed to Arlette at VIU that we piggyback a TTPR working groups event onto the Sustainability Charter presentation event somehow – she is interested and will bring it to the Charter committee.

Meeting Report


Kevin to get receipts to Liz for domain registration etc.

Event Schedule

Feb 25th RRR: debrief. Event went very well indeed, especially the first half: second half was a little less focused that I could have wished. Wall sheets were distributed for people to enter data into Google spreadsheet that Kevin will set up. David P wrote about the brainstorming sessions at this meeting and a previous City one with some reservations: Kevin commented.
Mar 21st urban garden workshops
at U Hall – publicity – 11 signups so far. Julie will do Around Town entry. Kevin check with Meghan and Tony re visiting their garden at the break.
Mar 26th Home Movie
at Susan’s – Who Killed the Electric Car. Change location to Owen’s to take the load off Susan who is caregiving a sick friend. Kevin will let Susan know. Wendy change location on posters.
Apr 9/10: T4T in PR
: 5 paid registrations. Wendy will talk to Corey and Melissa about sponsoring a scholarship. Kevin will ask the Farmers Institute. Julie will ask Mother Nature and Springtime Nursery. Kevin will ask Vic and Valley. Owen will ask bike shops. Kevin send T4T poster to all IG members.

Apr 17th Bike Maintenance Workshop at the CRC, noon-2pm. Wendy will make poster. Will be held round the back of teh CRC, bring your own bike, by donation.

Apr 24th: Earth Day organised by PiP – they want more adult activities. We will try to borrow an umbrella drying rack and do a “hang your laundry” display. Ask on our mailing list and on Freecycle to borrow a dryer. Ask SCA to borrow a portable hole to put it in. Use K’s shade tent – maybe borrow another if wet, to cover dryer as well as us. Get people to send in pictures of their laundry hanging to dry, and post on our website. Kev write to PiP and tell them. Wendy will make laundry cutouts, and research comparative costs.

May onward events: tabled

Connecting with other groups

Wendy will write the next Immanence article, due ASAP.

Other business

Transportation group/meeting at the CRC, 11th March, 4:30 pm
Logo design/contest – 2 enquiries so far.
RRR data onto website – pages distributed for data entry
David Moore would like to host a film screening South of town. Maybe April? Yes, tell him to pick a day and a movie.
Domain name and website – Kevin has bought .ca and .com domains, will set up new website and transfer old info to new site as time permits.
Local Currency – tabled

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