Initiating Group meeting 2010-02-08 Feb 8th


Present: Kevin, Liz, Julie, Wendy, Susan, Owen


Treasurers report: We have money. Liz has picked up the ATM card from the CU, and ordered checks.

Event Schedule

Jan 31: “Home energy conservation” workshop – debrief.
Nola’s partner Jason took pictures and we may be able to get some of them for our site. We should send a letter of thanks each to Nola, Vic and David for their help: Julie will write, Kevin will print and mail.

Feb 1st: SD47 Leadership in Sustainability – debrief.
Very few organisations attending info-fair, but good workshops. Small amount of interest from students (our display is not geared to kids – they often want something to get engaged in rather than just pictures and words), some interest from adults. Very noisy, as expected. Contact made with young bike mechanic, Mike Brinton, who is willing to work with us on bike maintenance workshops.

Feb 10th: 7pm Rodmay Hotel – Chamber of Commoners: We will have 1/2 table, 6pm setup. No room for our big display so we’ll concentrate on handbills and “RSVP right here” sheets for RRR, Age of Stupid, Urban Gardening, and even T4T. Kevin may bring the big display in the van anyway just in case there is room for it somewhere. Kevin, Wendy and Owen will attend.

Feb 12th: Home movie at Wendy’s. Age of Stupid – Julie will put in an Around Town entry ASAP. Limited posters are being distributed now.

Feb 20th: Film Festival: HomeGrown 10am, Petropolis 12:30 @ Evergreen Theatre. Kevin has emailed to ask Jan Padgett if we can have an info table at the Homegrown one: Kevin and Julie will staff it.

Feb 21st: Robin Wheeler talk noon-2pm at the CRC. We will have display table space along with Seedy Saturday. Setup 11am: Kevin, Wendy and Julie will attend.

Feb 25th: Rebuilding Regional Resilience: A Roundtable
Letters have been sent out, Scott Randolph @ PRREDS already RSVP’ed. We need to get email invites out ASAP – Kevin will send a link to the invitation list to everyone, along with the text of the invitation. All of us should pick people and groups we know off the list and invite them by email or phone. We will have handbills and posters. “RSVP right here” sheets at Chamber of Commoners event. Posters are done and can go up ASAP. Kevin and Paul S hammered out a proposed timetable, Paul is writing it up, and it will be distributed for comment as soon as it’s available. A notice of the event has been published in PR Living. Around Town and Shaw announcements should go out closer to the time. Julie has added calendar entries to our Google calendar and the PR Direct community calendar.

There are 2 categories of groups that have not yet been fleshed out in the invitation list – Churches and Unions. They need to be researched and listed with their contacts. Owen will research unions, Wendy will research churches.

Mar 13th: info table at Seedy Saturday – Wendy will staff. Presentation: 45 mins in the Poplar room, Kevin will lead, Liz and Owen will join him as a panel – about 20 mins of talk and 20 mins of questions and panel discussion.

Mar 21st urban garden workshops at U Hall – Rosie Fleur/Kevin. It would be great to have a poster and handbills soon to hand out at ChComm, RRRR, SSat: Kevin will try to do a handbill at least for ChComm.

Mar 26th Home Movie at Susan’s – Who Killed the Electric Car – available from video store next to Subway. Minimal publicity until we see how Age of Stupid goes.

Apr 10/11: Training for Transition in Powell River? Michelle is available that weekend, Veronica says there are 4 people ready and willing to come from Denman Island. U Hall is tentatively booked for that date. Owen has offered billeting for presenters at his B&B. Owen will contact Michelle and Veronica and cc Kevin: we need the budget worksheet that they use for the trainings. Apparently other communities have gotten TT training sponsored: Kevin will research and see if we might, too. Possible attendees from PR are Liz, Owen, Julie, Daphne, Wendy, Susan, David P, David Moore, Kevin… maybe more.

Apr 16th – 18th: Home Show – could we have a “green building” presence of come kind there? Kevin contacted  CaroleAnn Leishman but she is not an independent contractor and her boss is not planning to have a booth. May be able to piggyback off VIU booth? “Treasure Hunt” for green building components from various suppliers? Co-sponsor a presentation on energy saving building? Incubate ideas and revisit them later.

Apr 24th: Open Air Market opens : we would like to have an info table there that day, to include hands on activities – maybe a bike tuneup (Mike, Jason?) and seed planting.

mid-May: Art event: writers contest, storytelling, poetry, songwriting, and visual arts timeline. Plenty of lead time for contests – co-ordinate with Arts Council, Writers Conference, Academy of Music, Storytelling group. Have an event day where stories and songs are performed, pictures displayed, visual and written timeline created. Think about this and revisit it in March when RRR is out of the way.

Connecting with other groups

Immanence article – Wendy wrote and submitted – Immanence is not out yet.

PR Living article will run in April – no room in Feb or March issues.

Jan 26 GHG emission reduction targets meeting debrief – Kevin and Wendy attended. City is looking for more ideas, not a lot of new ones produced at this meeting. Kevin brought home a “Workbook” to be filled in and returned, maybe we can fill it out together and come up with some more ideas. Made some more useful contacts and put faces to names.

Jan 28 public meeting on sea level rise – Liz and Wendy attended. Most recent research is being used, not just IPCC 2007 numbers. Local people with waterfront property are concerned and asking for help.

Kevin will attend “Local  Development Communications Committee” meeting monthly, next is Feb 15

Email newsletter – Kevin will put out the next one with upcoming events ASAP.

Saltspring Island now an official TI!

Lund to Langdale” food security organising meeting for the upper and lower Sunshine Coast will happen again soon – David P is on it, watch for more info.

Susan J tells us that TTPR has been included in the latest draft of the PR Sustainability Charter.

Other business

Logo design/contest – David P kindly sent us the MLC specs to look at. Wendy’s poster looks great and is ready to go with a few small tweaks. Wendy will add her name/number as the contact on the poster, she and Kevin will work on editing the MLC specs to our needs. Close date will be March 31st.

Workshop ideas – beekeeping, breadmaking, Solar ovens (Jack Anderson), Bike maintenance, food storage, smart local shopping, mending and sewing, fixing things, alternatives to microwaving, saving money by going green…

Kevin has emailed Liz Lane at the CRC about co-operating on these and she is interested. Don’t start them till April at the earliest: start with the ones we already have presenters in mind for.

Owen will talk to Caroline about beekeeping and the two bike guys about bike maintenance (Kevin to send Owen their emails)

Kevin will talk to Jack Anderson about solar ovens, Shona and Fran and Simon about breadmaking.

Local Currency – David P talked to Pieter in Courtenay about their Community Way dollars. He wondered if we should bring him over here to kickstart a local currency group. There are others here who are interested and who have experience. Maybe this could be suggested at the RRR event and grow out of that.

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