Initiating Group meeting 2010-01-11 Jan 11th


Present: Kevin, Liz, Emma, Susan, Julie, Graham, Owen, Wendy


Official Transition Status – we’re in as of Dec 29th! #262 in the world, #8 in Canada. Wendy will write  up a press release saying so, for the Peak.
Website: Kevin has added a “sticky” intro post at the top, will move meeting reports to a separate page and add the Transition Network logo. Other initiating group members have been invited to join the blog as authors and are encouraged to accept the invitation and post <nudge, nudge!>

Event Schedule

Jan 21: home movie at Graham’s: “In Transition 1.0”. Publicity – single poster at the Library (Julie), plus email newsletter promo. We’ll see how many people we get, and adjust publicity up or down accordingly for the next home movie.

Jan 31: “Home energy conservation” workshop
Publicity – Wendy will make up posters, and ask Corey to print. Kevin will print a few to put up in Cranberry. Julie will handle online and email announcements.
Materials donation in limbo temporarily as Vic is away.
Kevin and Graham will lead hands-on working groups: Graham will find a few other people to do so as well.

Feb 1st: SD47 Leadership in Sustainability – info table – Henderson gym 12-1. Kevin to ask Karin, is a table supplied? Wendy and Graham can attend.

Feb 10th: Chamber of Commoners social, Rodmay hotel, we will attend and take information

Feb 12th: Home movie at Wendy’s. “Age of Stupid” apparently not available at Select Video, Wendy will see if she can order it from Canflix.

Feb 21st: Robin Wheeler talk with FI – more details to come from David P.

Feb 25th: Rebuilding Regional Resilience: A Roundtable.
Susan confirms that VIU is interested in hosting and co-sponsoring it. Kevin and Susan will meet with Arlette ASAP with a proposed invitation letter and get the ball rolling. We discussed having a pro moderator or facilitator to run the meeting, several names mentioned. Susan will contact Robert Woods first and put him in contact with Kevin. Susan also produced a page from the draft Sustainability Charter with group names: Kevin will add to our list to invite. Susan can hand-deliver some letters of invitation.

Mar 13th: info table and presentation at Seedy Saturday.
Presentation: Kevin will lead, Liz and Owen will take part, Wendy will staff table while we’re doing it.

Mar 21st urban garden workshops at U Hall – Rosie Fleur on container gardening, Kevin on turning your lawn into beds, visit to Tony and Meghan’s garden during break, maybe Kevin’s garden afterward. Major publicity push at Seedy Saturday Mar 13th, but posters etc beforehand as well.

Mar 26th Home Movie at Susan’s – “Who Killed the Electric Car” available at video store by Subway.

Connecting with other groups

Powell River Living article – done and sent to Isabelle
Immanence article – different from PRL – Wendy will write. Focus on previous and upcoming events. Deadline Jan 15th.
Email newsletter
sent out on Saturday Jan 9th.
Green Step
will be holding a coffeehouse in mid- to late Feb on building and housing.
14th Jan –
Transport meeting at the Complex – Owen and Susan will attend.
26th Jan
– 7pm at the Complex – coffeehouse-type meeting to develop ideas to reduce GHG emissions in PR. City has to have a plan in place by March 2010.

Other business

T Training in Courtenay, Jan 30-31 2010: Owen and Julie. Registration is low, event may be cancelled 🙁
Transition Movie DVD – has arrived, they sent us two! We can donate extra one to the library or to another Transition initiative.
Transition Talking Points: Kevin made a sheet of talking points to help when introducing Transition to other people.

Wendy will be main TTPR liason to Corey re printing, posters etc.

Logo discussion

We talked about possible logos and how to get one done. Kevin didn’t take any notes.

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