Job Descriptions


This is a list of the various jobs which need to be done to keep TTPR running. If you’d like to take on one of these jobs, please contact us!


Keep financial records necessary to comply with the Societies Act – which is, to provide financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.

In practice, that means:

  • Be a check signer on the bank account
  • Keep records of checks, cash, deposits, and other transactions on all accounts
  • Maintain access to all accounts – keep secure records of usernames, passwords etc
  • Reconcile bank statements with internal records
  • Keep the cash box
  • Receive documented claims for reimbursible expenses – issue checks or cash payment, keep documents
  • Receive incoming checks and cash and deposit them to the bank account
  • Pay bills and keep receipts
  • Present financial status at monthly business meetings

If and when we move to a membership situation, the Treasurer will also:

  • В Collect membership fees

Newsletter Editor

This is currently all one job, but could with advantage be split into three.

Interesting links and info editor

  • Be the collection point for people to send interesting stuff to
  • Once a month, write up the links etc and send out

Upcoming Events editor

  • Collect information on TTPR and other relevant local and (if accessible eg online) non-local events.
  • Once a month (or more often if urgent), write up events and send out

Calls for Participation editor

  • As needed, write and send out requests for participation or help for TTPR events or other relevant local events.

Community Event Info Display Co-ordinator

  • Source potential community events
  • Discuss and choose events to participate in with IG and potential staff
  • Arrange participation in event with organisers (incl setup times)
  • Confirm equipment needed for display
  • Source equipment / display items
  • Arrange for equipment / display item transport
  • Organise staffing schedule
  • Arrange for display teardown and transport
  • Transfer email list signup sheets to list maintainer

Display Storage person

  • Store large and small display items
  • Work with display co-ordinator to arrange for transport to and from displays
  • Co-ordinate with IG re new items, maintenance, replacement.

Mailing List Co-ordinator

  • create new mailing lists as needed
  • update mailing list page on TTPR website as needed
  • maintain email mailing lists
  • add new signups from events to email lists
  • moderate email mailing list posts

Phone Tree Co-ordinator

  • Maintain list of phone numbers for those without email
  • Phone list as needed for events etc



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