10/10/10 Work Party idea meeting


On Sunday June 13th a group of us met to brainstorm ideas for a 10/10/10 work party project. Here’s the list:

  • Organize a Tree Planting (preferably edibles)
  • Install solar panels on a public or community-owned building
  • Work day at a community garden or organic farm
  • Mass bike ride
  • Mass bus ride: “fill the bus” day
  • Install a wind turbine
  • Weatherize a public or community building – energy retrofit SWAT team(s)
  • Perform energy audits
  • Trash Cleanup Day (recycle and compost as much as possible)
  • Install an edible garden in publicly accessible space (eg corner of Alberni and Marine by Breakwater Books)
  • Invasive Plant removal day
  • Public juicing day – use fruit that would otherwise go to waste and Skookum’s cider press to replace imported juice.
  • Car free day
  • Anti-idling campaign
  • Vegetarian cooking workshop / potluck / party pledging to continue with Meatless Mondays
  • TV-free day (electronic-media free day? outdoor/indoor activities instead?)
  • Tool sharing project
  • Green (sharable) bikes
  • Provide local food and waste-free catering at public event
  • piggyback on TTPR Celebration of Local Food, scheduled for Oct
  • “Buy Local” campaign kickoff/focus week
  • Local food potluck / party
  • Art project – using local/recycled materials, make publicity pieces to encourage ppl to reduce CO2
  • Alternative building project (small building or renovation)

I’m posting this list on the forum too, so if you’d like to add ideas or discuss any of those listed above, head over there (forum link above) and let’s hear from you!

For more 10/10/10 information generally, head over to 350.org

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  1. Owen Bell - October 5, 2010

    organic farms could actually save us from carcinogens and toxins*’

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