Initating Group meeting report – Dec 14 2009


Present: Kevin, Liz, Alfred, Julie, Wendy, Owen, Susan


Treasurer’s report. We have money. We will donate $25 to U-Hall for Nov EoS screening and Dec vigil.
Official Transition Status – waiting on Owen for bio. He filled it out and Kevin will ask Transition Network if they will let us in with only one person trained (but another in Jan).

Event Schedule


12th Avaaz climate vigil – More than 50 people attended, we collected signups for our email list, sent photos to the Avaaz site, and posted photos on the blog.


Thurs 21st – home movie at Graham’s, 7pm. Movie to be Transition 1.0 (see below) or Age of Stupid.

Sun 31st: “Home energy conservation” workshop. Kevin is still trying to contact Victor at Valley Bldg Supplies. Ideally, we would like him to do a short talk on energy-saving renovations, David Moore on grants and programs to support energy conservation, and Kevin on cheapskate and frugal energy saving methods. Then hands-on installation of window film, door weatherstripping, and (weather permitting) exterior caulking on the U-Hall. Kevin will contact David Moore.


12th Home movie at Wendy’s. Either Age of Stupid or Transition 1.0, whichever we don’t do in Jan.
– Robin Wheeler talk with FI
Multi-group convention.  See below for more detailed planning.
day unknown
SD47 Leadership in Sustainability – waiting for info


13th info table (Wendy, Owen) and presentation (Kevin, Liz) at Seedy Saturday
21st urban garden workshops at U Hall. Try for urban/container gardening article in the Peak or PRL in March. Kevin to contact potential presenter(s). Heavy publicity at Seedy Saturday.
26th Home Movie at Susan’s: Who Killed the Electric Car? or Jane Jacobs documentary.

Connecting with other groups

PRL article – Kevin will write for Feb issue.
Kevin went to Green Step coffeehouse on “Consumerism”. Quite a lot of talk around local curreny and “buy local” campaign.
Alfred and Kevin went to City Consultation meeting on Mon 7th. Low attendance was due to confusion over date and location changes – Susan wanted to attend but it had moved! There was some good talk but almost all present still thinking “business as usual”, no concept of climate change requiring changes in approach.
Susan attended Waterfront Development meeting. Very crowded and hard to see drawings on display. Susan submitted written points for consideration e.g. sea level rise.

Other business

Transition Training in Courtenay, Jan 23-24 2010. Waiting for cost info.
Post-peak livelihoods webinar debrief: 5 from Powell River officially attended, plus several adult children. Some information we already knew and could have been skipped, but it made interesting connections and created a useful structure. Documents emailed after the webinar contained more meat.
Transition Movie is now available on DVD for 18.50 pounds – includes screening rights. Buy? Yes, Kevin will buy on CC and hope to receive in time for Jan “home movie” night.
Supplies – suggested that we buy a few pens, flipchart markers etc for events. Approved up to $25. We could also do with a cash box. Alfred may have one tucked away, he will check. Otherwise, we’ll ask on Freecycle.
High School postering: Wendy’s daughter Zoe will be at Brooks part time from Feb 1st and could probably get our event posters displayed at the school.

February Multi-Group Convention planning

Name: TBA

Ideas – Web, resilience, collaboration, connection, circle, strengthen


  • To find out what’s going on in PR around projects related to sustainability, climate change response, resource conservation, resilience-building, rebuilding skills for self-reliance, economic re-localisation etc., and who is doing it
  • To find out what’s not being done, where the gaps are
  • To make connections between groups and projects who could collaborate or share resources.

Date and location

Proposed Thursday 25th Feb, 7-9 pm at VIU. Susan will talk to VIU about room use and possible closer collaboration on organising the event.

Possible collaboration with SD47 “Leaders in Sustainability” but no date or location info yet.

Who to invite:

Everyone working locally on projects related to sustainability, climate change response, resource conservation, resilience-building, rebuilding skills for self-reliance, economic re-localisation

  • Community groups
  • Councils (City, Regional District, Sliammon Band),
  • Education (SD47, VIU)
  • business/economy (Chamber, Community Futures, PRREDS, Model Community Project, PREP, Careerlink, Credit Union)
  • health (VCH, hospital, PRACL, MCP, PREP)

Invite via email, phone, personal invitation, letter, Peak “Around Town” notice, Shaw ticker, PR Living and Sunnyside anouncements, PR Direct community calendar, Peak Live.

What to do at the event

options include:

  • Large pages on wall to record  groups (with contact names), projects, assets (who owns), needs (who needs)
  • One set of pages for each focus: Food, Housing, Energy, Transport, Economy, Culture, Health…
  • People write down what they know and need on the pages, then scan for connections, link up individually
  • “Round the circle” session for projects/assets/needs
  • Large nametags with has/needs like we used at the CoLF
  • Brainstorming session for what needs to happen to fill gaps, who could do it
  • Brainstorming session for linkups and collaboration possibilities
  • Final “next actions” session: what will we do next, who will do it.

Record results from wall sheets and post online – allow new groups and projects to be added.

Repeat this meeting?

When? Where? Who organises?

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