Initiating Group meeting report: 17 Nov 2009


Present: Kevin, Liz, Julie, Susan, Graham.

We tried at this meeting to run through the business quickly, so that we could spend the second hour in a more free-form discussion of the group-evaluation papers Kevin brought back from the Transition training in October.


CU account – is set up and ready, waiting for cash to make deposit, waiting for checks.

Move email list onto a listserve. Set up, working on transfer

Official Transition Status – need bios on form. Those present added their bios, Kevin will get more from those absent.

Treasurer’s report: We have money. $50 donated to U-Hall for hall rental for the Celebration of local food, $25 to CU for shares to open account. $50 donation to Sliammon community garden project is pending.

Move meetings to daytimes: this idea was proposed as some people are finding it hard to make evening meetings. Those present said yes it’s possible but not on Tues or Thurs. Feedback from Wendy and Owen needed.

Event Schedule

Nov: End of Suburbia screening, 2pm Sun Nov 22 at the U Hall. Wendy will bring projector, DVD, screen etc and Milo as tech support. Posters have been reposted as needed by Julie. Press release was printed in the Peak on Wed 11th issue. Owen, Julie, Liz, Kevin and Graham will come and help set up and run the event. Julie and Alfred are maybes. Post meeting addition: need more coffee, Kevin or Liz will pick up on Sat along with cream.

Dec: Holiday party at Owen’s B&B. Invitation reviewed, Kevin will send out with email mailing ASAP.

Jan: “Home energy conservation” workshop – date conflicts with Training for Transition in Courtenay, so move it 1 week back or ahead. Post-meeting addition: booked Jan 31st with Brownie at the U Hall.

Feb: Multi-group convention. We looked at the report from the Victoria group about theirs. Susan will talk to Arlette at VIU to see if they would like to co-sponsor this meeting, or simply use a VIU room for it.

Eco Action Fair. Date May 2nd 2010, letter sent to other possible co-sponsors. No from Green Step, no answer from CofC or SD47 yet, no from FI. We discussed either trying to contact more groups as co-sponsors, doing it all ourselves, or dropping the idea and putting our energy into multiple  smaller events instead. Julie suggested that we use the Feb group convention to gather support and co-organisers, and push the date into the Fall. All approved of this idea. Kevin will update CofC, SD47, and release Complex room booking.

Connecting with other groups

Kevin attending Lund to Langdale all-coast Food Security meeting

Meeting with Tla’Amin Community Garden re donation, Mon 23 Nov 11:45 am.

Kev, Liz and Alfred attended ad-hoc meeting with Scott Brison MP, opposition economics spokesman, re local economics. Much good stuff was brought up by many attendees.

Kev and Liz attended GreenStep coffeehouse on Energy and spoke on PO, handed out EoS flyers, quite a bit of interest shown.

Farmers Institute produced/obtained Agricultural planning and Food Self Sufficiency docs – Kevin will circulate by email.

Post-meeting addition: the Seedy Saturday organising committee/Farmers Institute is planning to bring in a seed/garden related speaker in February, and Kevin proposed to them and they agreed that TTPR will co-sponsor this event. More info to come.

Other business

Training for Transition in Courtenay, Jan 23-24 2010. Need numbers to reserve spaces. Julie yes: Liz and Graham maybe. Ask Owen and Wendy

Online library – Kevin has set up a spreadsheet online for lending out books and DVD’s. Link going out in next mailout.

Info leaflet edited, copies now available (thanks Graham for cutting them up!)

Age of Stupid – approached Ann re Patricia showing – she is investigating a Canadian distributor.

Possible “home movie nights” – Kevin suggested home movie viewings, 6-10 people at someone’s home, movie and discussion, less hassle than a big public showing, don’t need public showing license, do one a month (rotating through those who can host it), get others on the email list to host one and one of Initiating Group go to help interpret and lead discussion. First one will be in Jan at Graham’s house. Graham to pick a good date and let Kevin know. Try for a fairly positive movie eg farm/food ones that we have.

Fresh – The Movie” – new local-food-related movie: approached Giovanni re film festival, he has watched it and thought it good, is recommending to the Film Festival board.Post-Peak Livelihoods webinar Dec 12th with Sarah and Paul Edwards – Kevin has booked and paid, should be good as the presenters are well know “working from home” experts and active in Transition initiative and as Transition trainers.

We discussed getting speakers from outside, and thought we should offer to exchange speakers with the Courtenay/Comox group once they form, or other island groups. It was also suggested that we talk to Lyn Adamson about how we might get money to pay for bringing in speakers.

Break for hot chocolate, biscotti and chat.

Discuss feedback forms on group structure, process, etc.

We went through the first of the assessment/evaluation forms that Kevin brought back. This was the “Awareness Raising Worksheet” (also asset mapping and networking).

What environmental groups are you linked with?

GreenStep Solutions, Pebble in the Pond, Sustainability Charter (Susan), Council of Canadians (Graham), Sierra Club (Graham), Malaspina Land Conservancy

What other groups are you linked with?

Food Security Project, Farmers Institute, Seedy Saturday, Agricultural Association, Seed Saving Project, Toastmasters, SCA, CMG printing, Lifecycle Housing (Susan), Community Resource Centre, Anglican Church (Liz), Chamber of Commerce, Model Community Project (Liz)

What groups can you approach?

Rotary & Kiwanis, Churches (United, 7th Day Advent), PREP, PRREDS, Regional District and City councils, PRACL, Careerlink, VIU, Sliammon Band council, School District, Ratepayers Associations (start with Cranberry and branch out), Unions, BC Hydro, Terasen Gas, BC Forestry, VCH/Hospital, Kale Force

What venues do you have?

Lots – see Google Docs list

Who can give a talk?
On transition towns
– Kevin is working on one
Peak Oil – Kevin can do, Liz is working on it
Climate Change – no-one yet, someone needs to work on it.
Other topics? get someone from Transition Victoria to come here?

What local projects or experts can present?

Green Building – CaroleAnn Leishmann
LETS and local currency – ask Owen who organised the previous incarnations of these. Person in Courtenay?
Food security – David P
Stewart Alsgard/Colin Palmer/Regina Sadilikova – local council sustainability / GHG emissions reductions
Murray Dobbin
Nicholas Simons
Patches – permaculture
Wendy Devlin – seed saving, gardening
Helena Bird – SALSA farm project
Scott ?? – PRREDS green economy initiatives

What places to visit e.g. eco house or permaculture project?

Edible garden tour (fall: add a spring one too?)
Nimh Farm for permaculture
ask CaroleAnn re buildings
Cob and cordwood houses
Local hydro and other energy installations
Local solar installations – Savary Island?
Expeditions to V Island to visit other projects?

What kind of publicity can you generate?

Press releases to Peak, PR Living, Immanence, Shaw cable
Word of mouth
TTPR Email list
Online calendars, blog, Peak Live page, Facebook page etc

How are your links to local papers and TV and Radio?

Papers: good and improving
TV: developing
Radio: non-existent

How else can you publicise your TT?

TTPR email list: other people’s email lists (film society, arts council, FI, food security)
Public events and meetings
Develop something visually exciting to attract TV and photo coverage: something with a “hook”
co-sponsor events with other groups
info tables at suitable events and movies (2012?)
artists events: visual arts, writing stories, storytelling
theme weeks: “cut your footprint”, transport (round car-free day in Sept), food (around 50-mile challenge or edible garden tour or Fall Fair)

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