Initiating Group meeting report: 3 Nov 2009


Present: Kevin, Liz, Susan, Julie, Owen


We set a tentative date for a visit to the Credit Union to complete the process of opening and account. Kevin will contact Maggie at the CU to confirm. Julie can come pretty much any time we need her to.

Kevin has set up a new email list for us, and will make a start on moving people over to it.

Tax status – Kevin dug around on the CCRA website and found that we don’t have to bother about taxes until we have over $200,000 in assets (!) or more than $10K/yr in income from assets. Not something we need worry about yet. The relevant tax info is filed for future reference.

Official Transition Status – we have filled out the form and will send it in even though we haven’t yet got anyone with a permaculture design course, and only one of us has done the Transition training. We’ll see what they say.

Treasurer’s report: no change since last meeting. We’re waiting to get the last few Silent Auction bits and pieces from Graham.

Event Schedule

Nov: End of Suburbia

2pm Sun Nov 22 at the U Hall. Publicity is ongoing. Wendy sent in a press release to the Peak and they  say they will print it. Still working out where to send it to at Shaw cable. Posters have started to go up: no point doing them too early. Julie needs more, Kevin will email her the PDF of the poster. Around Town and Shaw community ticker have been sent in, Around Town listing is already showing up. We should have an Around Town listing for TTPR as a group, too, as well as event listings: Julie will send one in.

Dec: Holiday party at Owen’s B&B

Draft invitation was discussed and edited. Kevin will send it out soon, and a reminder about 2 weeks before the party. We agreed to tell people to bring a “powerdown” decoration to decorate the house, and finger food / appetizers rather than sit-down food. Gift for the gift exchange can be no cost. Owen will send a suitable picture to include on the invitation email. RSVP by Nov 28th. Party starts 6pm for meal/eats at 6:30pm.

Jan: “Home energy conservation” workshop

Jan 24th at U Hall. Kevin will follow up with Corey who was going to ask Valley about donating materials. We wil charge $5 for the workshop, age 12 and under get in free. We will talk to the U Hall about what they would like to have done – Brownie is back Nov 12th.

Feb: Multi-group convention

Date proposed to be in the first half of Feb. Susan suggested that VIU might be interested in hosting this: she will talk to Arlette. Kevin has started developing a list of groups which could be invited. We will begin putting out feelers as to when might be most appropriate. This event might be good run as an Open Space. We should talk to the Victoria transition group about their event like this once it has taken place: how they organised it, what it consisted of, and how it went.

Mar: Participation in Seedy Saturday, Mar 13th.

Apr: Movie screening?

Possibly Power of Community.

May: Eco Action Fair.

New date May 2nd 2010, letter sent to other possible co-sponsors. Emma and CaroleAnn of GreenStep replied, they are not able to take it on at the moment. Kim Miller replied, will present it to the Chamber board and see if anyone is interested. No reply yet from Ryan Barfoot. Kevin will ask the Farmers Institute. Susan suggested Manzanita restaurant, and we’ll keep them in mind: would rather have co-sponsoring groups than businesses.

Connecting with Other Groups

Kevin will do a Peak Oil presentation at teh GreenStep coffeehouse at Breakwater Books on Tuesday 10th Nov, 7pm. Others from our group are encouraged to attend.

Susan told us that there is another Council feedback meeting scheduled for the end of November, and all are encouraged to attend. It may be especially relevant to transport issues.

Other business

Transition Training in Victoria – Kevin reported back, will write up his notes more completely later on. One important point is that our group should be called the “Initiating Group” not steering group. He gave others a CD of all the materials handed out at the training. Lots of useful stuff. We agreed to workk through the group and personal evaluation sheets that Kevin had emailed to everyone, and share the information at the next meeting.

Possible T Training in Courtenay: in Jan 2010 there may be Transition Training coming to Courtenay at a more affordable price. More info to follow. Several people are interested.

Transition webinar 29 Oct was felt to be useful. Kevin to send link to the recording to Susan.

Info leaflet has been updated by Liz and Kevin. Kevin will send to Corey to get copies printed.

Silent auction outstanding bids – no further information.

Age of Stupid potential screening– Kevin approached Gianni about Film Festival inclusion, Susan will talk to Ann re Patricia showing.

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