Initiating Group meeting report, Dec 28th 2009


Present: Kevin, Liz, Julie, Wendy, Barry, Susan


Official Transition Status

We’re now official! The Transition Network accepted our application and we are #262 on the list of 265 official initiatives (#8 of 9 in Canada).

Treasurer’s Report

We have money.


Because posts are mostly meeting reports, the website is a bit “dry”. Kevin will make a “greeting” post that sticks at the top and shows off events & points to resources, and move the meeting reports off the main page to a separate one. He will also invite other members to post.

Event Schedule

Jan 21st: 7pm home movie at Graham’s: In Transition or Age of Stupid. People must RSVP to Graham in order to attend, don’t publicise address, just phone number.
Jan 31st: 2-5pm “Home energy conservation” workshop.
Feb 1st: SD47 Leadership in Sustainability – info table, no workshop required. Location is at Henderson school gym, noon-1pm.
Feb 12th: Home movie at Wendy’s. In T or AoS, whichever we didn’t show on Jan 21st.
Feb 21st: Robin Wheeler talk with FI: waiting for details on this.
Feb 25th or 28th: Multi-group convention. We came up with the name “Rebuilding Regional Resilience: A Roundtable” for this event. Susan will talk to VIU about perhaps co-sponsoring it, or at least using one of their rooms.
Mar 13th: info table and panel presentation at Seedy Saturday. Kevin will do the presentation along with Liz and maybe others?
Mar 21st urban garden workshops at U Hall. Kevin to talk to Rosie Fleur about doing a container gardening presentation for this, Meghan and Tony are fine with us visiting their garden.
Mar 26th Home Movie at Susan’s – Who Killed the Electric Car.

Connecting with other groups

Powell River Living article – Kevin will write by Jan 10th. Isabelle wants something substantially different from what was in Immanence last month.  Wil focus on concrete ways people can work together to address climate change.

Maybe we could present to the local “Ministerial Alliance” to connect with churches.

Kevin has been approached to be a guest on the “Beyond Survival” podcast. Don’t know when yet.

Other business

Transition Training in Courtenay, Jan 30-31 2010. Julie and Owen have booked to go.

Transition Movie – Kevin ordered it online, has been shipped, don’t know when it will arrive.

Transition Talking Points: people would like a sheet of “talking points” to help when introducing Transition to other people.

Barry is with with us temporarily and wanted to know if there is anything he can do to help at a distance when he has to go back to home. line research and blog posting were suggested.

Next meeting – bring ideas for a logo (examples, themes etc). Wendy will ask Corey for ideas on how to approach artists and get a logo made.

Dealing with difficult people at public events – some suggestions:

  • set a time limit for each person at the beginning of the discussion, and even have a timer who rings a bell when time’s up. Applies to everyone, not just problem people.
  • stop someone who is taking up too much time and ask others at the meeting – have we got the point – is it time to move on?

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