Initiating Group meeting report: Nov 30th 2009


Present: Kevin, Liz, Julie, Susan, Wendy, Owen


Official Transition Status – still need bios from a few people. Kevin will collate.

Treasurer’s report: we have money. Outstanding expenses include donation to Sliammon community garden, donation to U Hall for Nov 22 event, coffee for events.

TTPR business cards – Kevin distributed these to everyone so we have an easy way to send someone to our website when talking to people around town.

Meeting time: Susan requested a 12:15 start instead of 12:00. Agreed.

Event Schedule

Nov: End of Suburbia – went well, good coverage in the Peak, Brenda Allen posted a “Viewpoint” in the Peak. Kevin replied online and posted our web address.

Dec: Holiday party at Owen’s B&B.  Starts 6pm. Approx 17 people have RSVP’ed.

Jan: “Home energy conservation” workshop date changed to Jan 31 to accommodate T4T in Courtenay. Kevin talked to brownie and there’s not much point installing a programmable thermostat as the usage times are so irregular. Weatherstripping on doors and windows, plastic film on windows, and maybe caulking, would be good. Kevin will contact Victor at Valley Bldg Supplies about helping us. Owen will talk to Canadian Tire about donating materials.

Jan: home movie at Graham’s. Kevin will talk to Graham about date/time. Post meeting addition: Date Thurs Jan 21st, 7pm. We can show one of the food-related movies we have available or possibly (post meeting addition) Transition 1.0: the movie.

Feb: Multi-group convention. Kevin needs to send more information on this to Susan so she can talk to VIU about it – what, who, why etc.

Feb: Home movie at Wendy’s. Date, time, movie TBA

Mar: Home movie at Susan’s. Date, time, movie TBA

For more proposed events, see notes from our brainstorming session below.

Connecting with other groups

An article was included in the latest issue of Immanence. This had been in Corey’s hands for some months so was a bit out of date although he had updated it for us. We should look into writing an article for Powell River Living. Liz is willing to write it, Kevin will contact Isabelle to see what she’d like.

City Council transportation committee – Owen and Susan have volunteered for this and will keep us informed.

Lund to Langdale Food Security meeting – Kevin (and other PR people) attended this, it consisted of workshops on community engagement, collaborating with other groups, and strategic planning. Attendees were involved in food security groups from the upper and lower Sunshine Coasts. There will be a further meeting in Powell River in the Spring to plan and create some kind of coalition between all the groups.

Meeting with Tla’Amin Community Garden – Kevin met with several people involved in the community garden about how they would like to deal with our donation. They decided they would like to receive seeds, and that we would approach nurseries about matching/donating funds or goods to make the most of the donation. Kevin following up with nurseries.

Feb SD47 Leadership in Sustainability – info table and workshop request – suggested we co-operate with our multi-group convention. Waiting to hear back from Ryan Barfoot on this.

Feb 21 Robin Wheeler talk: The Farmers Institute is bringing Robin Wheeler in for an event on Feb 21 (she will be doing a workshop for the Texada Garden Club on Texada on the 20th). TTPR has offered to co-sponsor, which may mean cash, printing posters, putting up posters. TBD.

Other business

T4T in Courtenay, Jan 23-24 2010: Julie yes, Liz maybe, (post meeting addition: David P maybe). Kevin will bug Veronica about costs for this.

Online library – moving to David’s “Librarything” which is already set up. Ongoing.

Kevin has set up an online discussion forum, will notify everyone.

Dec 12 Avaaz climate vigil – We will organise one. Kevin to do. Conflicts with Carols by Candlelight, but we can make it earlier in the evening.

Dec 7th City consultation meeting, follow-on from the one in October. Kevin and Alfred will go.

Waterfront Development meeting – Susan will go.

Event Brainstorming Session

We spent the next hour thinking about events we could put on over the next year or so. We looked at a variety of posters from events other groups had arranged, and tried to tie possible events to things which already happen in Powell River, for the possibility of “theme weeks” (or weekends). A good deal of chatting back and forth resulted in some tentative plans and possibilities (and Kevin has added some more notes post-meeting)

January 2010

  • Home energy conservation workshop
  • Home Movie at Graham’s

February 2010

  • SD47 “Leadership in Sustainability” event (more details needed)
  • Multi-group convention (waiting for above to try to co-ordinate)
  • Robin Wheeler talk with FI, Feb 21st
  • Home Movie at Wendy’s

March 2010

  • Spring Break is March 8th-9th
  • March 13th – Info table and presentation at Seedy Saturday
  • TTPR event Sunday march 21st – U Hall – Urban gardening – containers, converting lawns etc – maybe visit Meghan and Tony’s garden
  • Home Movie at Susan’s

April 2010

  • Home Show is Fri 16th- Sun 18th – could we have an info table there, following on from Jan workshop? CaroleAnn Leishman re green building? Co-sponsor a presentation on energy saving building?
  • Open Air Market opens Apr 24th – we could have an info table there that day, or a Spring Festival there, or a Spring Festival the Saturday afternoon or Sunday at the U Hall. Spring Festival – seeds, plants, bike tuneups… or have it along with Garden Club’s plant sale, first weekend in May.
  • Home movie at ???
  • Writers Conference is Apr 30 – May 1st

May 2010

  • May – indoor garage sale and swapmeet at the complex – have an info table? Fundraiser sale table?
  • Home movie at ???
  • Art event mid-May: writers contest, storytelling, poetry, songwriting, and visual arts timeline. Plenty of lead time for contests – co-ordinate with Arts Council, Writers Conference, Academy of Music, Storytelling group. Have an event day where stories and songs are performed, pictures displayed, visual and written timeline created.

June 2010

  • Make this a quiet month in the run-up to grad, SOAP, Kathaumixw
  • Home movie at ???

July 2010

  • Canada Day – have an info table at the Open Air Market or other event.
  • “Learn from the Elders” event? Sliammon, Italian community, other pioneers. Co-ordinate with museum, old pictures. At Canada Day events or separately.
  • Summer Festival? canning demos or swap, solar ovens and dryers construction and use demos, bikes, water conservation. Co-ordinate with Canada Day or Sea Fair?
  • Sea Fair July 23-25: have an eco-contingent in the parade? Multiple groups walking together? Horse drawn float/car? Horse-drawn Hummer? LOL.

August 2010

  • BC Day Aug 2
  • Edible garden tour – info table at Kevin’s garden – probable date Aug 7th – 50 mile challenge kickoff
  • Art in the Park Aug 14-15 – info table, display timeline created at May art event
  • Blackberry street party Aug 20 – info table at CMG printing

September 2010

  • Probable community info fair/garage sale near start of month – info table
  • Sep 22 World Car Free Day – bike fair event? Co-ordinate with bike clubs, “discover PR by bike” rides (for power riders and gentle riders), picnic and fair at Willingdon beach, bike shops, bike tricks like at street party, bike repair clinic… Also mass bus ride?
  • Home movie at ???
  • Fall Fair probably Sep 25-26: info table

October 2010

  • Home movie at ???
  • Celebration of Local Food / Thanksgiving / Fall festival – as in 2009 plus apple juice pressing, canning swap, bigger silent auction, seed saving demos, food preservation demos

November 2010

  • Eco Action Fair
  • Home movie at ???

December 2010

  • Home movie at ???
  • Powerdown holiday party

January 2011

  • Winter Festival – energy conservation, fruit tree pruning workshop, planning next year’s garden, making music, storytelling, winter comfort food cooking, other home activities.
  • Home movie

More possible event ideas not attached to any date…

  • Theme weeks (eg Change Your Footprint, Housing, Food, Transport…)
  • Reskilling classes (co-ordinate with food & garden classes at CRC)
  • Library display of PO/CC books co-ordinated with a public event, maybe public screening of Transition movie
  • Economy-related event eg showing and discussion of Chris Martenson’s “Crash Course” (could be a home movie series)
  • Paired events: film or talk followed by Open Space
  • get someone from Transition Victoria to come and talk
  • Transition orientation meetings (small, in home or other venue, use Transition movie…)

Other non-event ideas:

  • Buy one or more Kill-a-watt (or similar) meters and lend/rent them out
  • Put on events we’d like to attend (eg Permaculture course, T4T, more…)
  • Target different groups of people with different awareness events

As always, any corrections or additions to this report gratefully accepted!

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