Steering Group meeting Aug 25th


Present: Liz, Kevin, Julie

Group Structure

Possible workaround for elections vs “rep from each interest group”: have groups nominate candidates, elect 5-member (minimum) board from candidates, other nominees become directors-at-large.В  Constitution should allow for varying number of DaL’s (eg “up to 5” or “at least 3”).

Bring the proposed structure to the next Steering Group meeting for voting so that we can take the papers to the Credit Union and open an account.

Let everyone know that this will be addressed at the next meeting.

Awareness-Raising Event Schedule

Blackberry day and street party presence – debrief

We need to be out on the street, not tucked away where no-one knows we’re there! Even people looking for us couldn’t find us.

Sep 9th transportation evening

Posters are out in Cranberry and S of town, and at the library. Julie and Liz will give me a list of where they have posted them. Kevin will print and post more.

Kevin will post notices to Shaw Cable and the Peak “Around Town”.

Ask David P re: notice in the next 50-mile-challenge emailing

Check with Wendy re: technology all ready to go, and she can bring?

Kevin – transfer videos onto DVD for playing.

Pin down exactly what will happen at this event apart from “videos and discussion”.

isn’t there a ferry users group of some kind? We should invite them.

Sep 12th Community Fair

Kevin has tentatively booked a table but not yet paid: approved to pay $15 out of the donations from the EoS screening. Ask if we can be against a wall, so we can move the table back against the wall for our display. Kevin, Julie, Liz, possibly David can attend. Setup starts officially 7am Saturday, must be ready by 8:45 – we can start setup at 8am.

Sep 16th movie at the Patricia

The Patricia is putting on the movie “Fiid Inc” and we’re invited to share an information table with the 50 Mile Challenge in the lobby. Need to bring a table, only need 2-3 people at most as there will be limited space.

Sep 26-27 Fall Fair

This is a high profile event with lots of people attending. At two days we’ll need enough people to cover the table without anyone burning out. Kevin is not available at all, as he’s volunteering for Fall Fair itself.

October food event

How should we differentiate this from previous food discussions in teh community? David is concerned that we’ll just be repeating the same old talk-talk and not getting anything practical done – would like to see practical project(s) arising out of it. Kevin would like to see it trigger a food interest group for TPR. We probably need to meet with David and hash this out more specifically. We could move it to a later date in October to give us more time. Ideally we should have it pinned down by Sep 9th event. Possibly make this a “housing” event (focused on energy conservation for the oncoming winter?) instead of food, or show EoS again.


Show EoS or move October event to Nov.


Powerdown holiday party?


Possible Eco-fair. Kevin will get rental details from the Complex, and contact Kim Miller at the Chamber re possibly co-sponsoring.



Have a donation jar at every info table
Admissions and table fees at eco-fair
Donations from screenings etc

Continue to think more about this.

Next steering group meeting Tues Sep 8th at Kevin’s house.

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  1. David Parkinson - September 1, 2009

    FWIW, I am increasingly convinced that we need to start to create viable community-controlled cooperative efforts to help people deal with the challenges of becoming more food-secure. For the average person, the thought of creating and maintaining a backyard garden; of tending for and gathering from fruit trees; of preserving enough food for the winter; of finding local sources of various foods; etc. … these are all overwhelming tasks, and generally need to be tackled in isolation. I dream of an organization which will organize people around common tasks (planting parties, potato-co-ops, canning bees, fruit-picking blitzes, etc.) so that many hands can make light work. We also need a community organization able to handle collective ownership of tools (rototiller, fruit press, picking ladders, dehydrators, etc.).

    The bottom line is that unless people are able to benefit personally from working collectively, we will all be wasting effort, time, and money.

    So I am thinking that I need to have another series of conversations about a local cooperative membership in which will give people tangible advantages when it comes to being self-reliant in food. For one thing, the Fruit Tree Project needs to be expanded so that people can plunk down some money and put in some picking/processing time, and then the wide range of food harvested and processed can be shared among the members and also a portion donated to charities, soup kitchens, CRC, etc. And somehow we need to find ways that people can make some money by putting in labour and resources.

    OK, I’m rambling now. But we need to start having some open-ended conversations on SOLUTIONS to the problems of our local food supply. And this needs to come from a commitment to creating some real structures to address the simple things: starting a garden, dealing with the wasted fruit, winter/storage crops, etc.

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