Steering Group meeting report – Aug 11th meeting


Present: Kevin Wilson, Wendy Pelton, Liz Milward, Julie Thorne, Susan Jersak

Group Structure

Discussed possible conflict between BC Societies requirement to elect an executive board, vs Transition Network’s requirement to move to a steering group made up of reps from Special Interest Groups (SIG’s).

Suggestion made to have an elected exec of the minimum allowed size, and exec appoints more directors from the SIG’s. Kevin will check for minimum size of elected exec, and contact Michelle in Victoria about structures of other official Transition groups in Canada, especially in BC.

Awareness-Raising Event Schedule

July 29th End of Suburbia Screening – debrief

Day and evening were in the middle of the heatwave and thus we had a very low turnout – apart from TPR volunteers, about 5 people showed up. However, we had a successful evening in that we learned how the logistics worked, got the technical setup working well, and received some donations. Kevin bought organic fair trade coffee and sugar for the refreshments, and we have plenty of those left for future events. We agreed to reimburse Kevin for the coffee and sugar ($16 approx), and to make a $20 donation to the Unitarian Hall for use of the space.

Endof Suburbia still doesn’t seem like a very good fit for raising awareness in Powell River, and we’ll continue to look for other movies which might be better.

August 19th screening/discussion

Since we had not done any publicity for this event yet and the date was looming, and the Sep 9 Transition Movie screening did not look hopeful, we decided to cancel Aug 19 and move the Transportation Alternatives evening to Sep 9th.

Blackberry Day and Street Party information tables

Dates confirmed (Aug 15 and Aug 21). Kevin to confirm times. We need another table for the Street Party: Kevin will ask Brownie about borrowing a folding table from the U-Hall.

Volunteers for Blackberry Day at the market: Wendy (table, chairs), Kevin (tent, display, books), Liz
Volunteers for Street Party: Wendy (table, chairs), Kevin (tent, display, books), Liz, Julie

September 9th Transportation Alternatives evening

Kevin to confirm date with Brownie re U-Hall. We changed the date on the posters then and there and Wendy, Julie and Liz took posters to post and handbills to distribute. Kevin to notify Peak Around Town and Shaw community announcements.

Sept 26-27 Fall Fair info table

Date confirmed with FF organiser. Kevin will not be available to man this table but can bring the usual equipment.

October Dates/events

Talk to Brownie about a weekend date at the U-Hall. Talk to David Parkinson about co-event with 50-mile challenge and/or Food Security Project. Encourage people not to come in cars. Perhaps have stickers saying “I came by ______ (bus, bike, foot etc)” for people to wear.

Eco-Fair in January/February

We discussed possibilities for co-sponsorship of this event, which could be quite a big one if done properly. Suggestions included the Chamber of Commerce, local publications like the Peak, PR Living and Immanence, VIU, Green Steps, the Farmers Institute and/or Agricultural Association, Rotary, the PR Model Community Project, and Sliammon.

Kevin will talk to Cathy McLean about her experience as craft fair organiser, which has similar logistics. And contact the Complex about possible dates.

Connecting With Groups

Kevin and Lizzie will be presenting about Peak Oil to Ryan Barfoot’s summer school group, the Sustainability Toolbox. While not a Powell River group, the students involved are hand-picked from across BC for environmental and sustainability interest – getting them aware of Peak Oil could take the message to a lot of places.

New Business

Food Garden Tour

This was a part of the 50 Mile Challenge and was very successful. Kevin and Alfie’s garden was part of the tour and lots of people came through. Kevin and Liz spent all morning talking themselves hoarse explaining things. Next time we should have a Transition display up: the rain this year made that difficult.

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