Steering Group meeting report: Oct 18th 2009


Present:  Kevin, Liz, Wendy, Corey, Julie, Owen, Susan, Dolores

Group Structure


Kevin has approached the Credit Union to open a bank account and arrange for signing authorities, and needs two “sponsors” who are CU members as Directors of our group.

Motion:      to elect Julie and Susan as Directors at Large.
Moved:    Owen Gaskell
Seconded:    Elizabeth Milward

Motion carried.  All in favor.  No abstentions, none against.
Julie Thorne and Susan Jersak were assigned to be Directors at Large.

There was a question about whether or not taxes were owed on donations received.  Kevin will look into the matter.

Kevin will e-mail Dolores a list of Transition Town requirements to become an official part of their organization.

Mailing List

Kevin will set up a Yahoo Groups list to replace the current personal email mailing list. This will allow the mailing list to be managed by more than one person, and to be owned by the group rather than an individual.

Awareness-Raising Event Schedule

Celebration of Local Food (CoLF) event debrief

Liz reported that we will have received approximately $300 of income once all Silent Auction bids have been paid.

Motion:      to donate $50 to the Unitarian Hall and $50 to the Sliammon Community garden
Moved:    Julie Thorne
Seconded:    Owen Gaskell

David, by e-mail prior to this meeting, had commented that the CoLF had been a great event, and TTPR should consider making it an annual event.  He felt that the balance between “unstructured meet-n-greet time” and structured time was ideal.

The group noted that the great turnout suggested that, in the future, we might need to have a larger hall, such as the Union Hall or the French Club, for such an event.

The silent auction was considered a great success.  It was suggested that, next round, it have its own director, that it be announced in advance in the advertising, that it be larger, the attendees be reminded to bid, and alerted to the imminent closing of bids. We could also ask vendors and other local businesses for donations, similar to those provided by Springtime – several offered “after the fact” for next time.

The two-part name tags were considered a partial success.  It was recommended that they be collected at the end, so that we could re-use the information provided on them in the continuing effort to get needs matched with offers.  It might be useful to collate the information (from a “carbon” copy?) onto a wall at the event, for people to look at.  It might be helpful for the emcee to announce offers and needs to the crowd.

It was thought that the Free Food worked well, and acknowledged that it had been important we had informed vendors of it in advance.  It was suggested that we consider doing a Potluck Meal, before, after, or instead of the Free Food.

It was suggested that we add to the poster locations, including the Westview Ferry Terminal, Saltery Bay Ferry, Texada Ferry bulletin board, Chamber of Commerce Info Centre,  Cranberry Liquor store, Cranberry Nursery, Springtime Nursery, and Thunder Bay Store.

Kevin brought up that it was important to invite the business & organization participants sooner, and to have more TTPR members doing the inviting of participants, next time.  It was suggested that we split up the list among us.

(Post meeting addendum: we should consider not asking for door donations, and instead expand the silent auction and ask vendors for 10% of their sales, as the market normally does).

November End of Suburbia screening

Sun November 22, 2pm, Unitarian Hall

Posters are available and were distributed to be posted.
It was suggested that we create a press release for the Peak, which Wendy will write. Julie will send email notifications to the Peak “Around Town” and Shaw public announcements.

December “Holiday Party”

Sat Dec 5th, 5:30pm
It was decided that a Potluck Dinner would be set for Saturday, December 5th, 5:30 pm (dinner at 6:30 pm) at Owen’s Adventure Bed & Breakfast, 7439 Nootka Street, Powell River.  Participants will be invited to bring their musical instruments and their preferred beverages. Everyone on our email list will be invited. All participants must RSVP to Owen at (604) 485-7097, or

January Home Energy Conservation Workshop

Sun Jan 24th, Unitarian Hall
Kevin will check for scheduling conflicts, however the date is tentatively set for January 24th, with January 17th as a fall back.  Corey will talk to Valley Building Supplies regarding donations.  Then, Rona, then Canadian Tire will be approached.

All members will consider whether there might be an appropriate video to show that day.  Check CMHC.

Corey will talk to Brooke at Shaw TV about the possibility of coverage.

February Multi-Group Convention

It was suggested that this might be a good month to pull together the many groups in the area, in addition to Food Groups, who have a stake in the Transition Process.

March Participation in “Seedy Saturday”

TTPR could provide more extensive displays, e.g. add in a table of interactive displays, and could make a presentation to the larger crowd.

April Film Presentation

Wendy supplied some ideas for possible films, which she will e-mail around to steering group members, who will seek out additional possibilities.

May Eco Action Fair

Kevin will edit a letter to invite interested business & organization participants.  The committee chose the name, “Eco Action Fair” for this event.

Possible Future Events

The Victoria Transition Town newsletter suggested some intriguing possibilities, the most appealing of which was getting other groups in the region together as a possible February event.  It was agree to think about whom to invite and how to make it work, to be discussed further at next meeting.

Kevin agreed to consider whether our current google list of business & organization participants was sufficient for the above gathering, or whether a different one needed to be created.


Publicity Committee

The list of poster locations was divvied up among those present, and posters generously provided by Core Media Group (Corey Matsumoto) were distributed.

We will give Julie extra brochures & posters to distribute at the Winter Farmer’s Market.

Julie will e-mail EoS announcements to “Around Town” at the Peak and “the ticker” at Shaw TV.

We should add to the back of the smaller event handout a list of upcoming events.

Liz offered to update the TTPR leaflet.  Kevin will send her the text.  Corey will print it.

Other Business

Other Related Film Venues

It was suggested that we find out what was involved in getting a high-cost movie, e.g. “The Age of Stupid.” screened at either the Powell River Film Festival or at the Patricia Theater.

Sustainability Stakeholders project

Corey announced and explained a Transition-related project that Immanence Magazine is providing businesses and individuals, in order to promote sustainability among businesses.  He shared printed material about it.


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