Steering Group meeting report Oct 6th 2009


Present: Kevin, Liz, Julie, Wendy, Graham.
Apologies: Susan, Owen.

Group Structure

Constitution and Purposes

The Constitution and Purposes document had been circulated and was examined again. A few small changes were made:

Name of the group to be “Transition Town Powell River” rather than “Transition Powell River”. This was felt to make it easier to distinguish us from women’s transition/shelter groups, while still keeping the Transition Initiative brand.

Wording tweak to purpose b: “To educate about, and to carry out practical research into, the effects of resource depletion and climate change”.

Bylaws are to be the standard bylaws as set out in the BC Societies Act.

Motion: to accept the Constitution and Purposes document as amended.
Moved: Kevin Wilson
Seconded: Julie Thorne

Motion Carried.

Executive positions were assigned by acclamation to the following people:

President: Kevin Wilson
Treasurer: Elizabeth Milward
Vice President: Wendy Pelton

Kevin and Liz will approach the Credit Union to open a bank account and arrange for signing authorities.

Awareness-Raising Event Schedule

Fall Fair debrief

Info table was very successful: lots of people stopped to talk (including a few deniers, but that’s OK!) we handed out lots of info. We liked the idea of adding an interactive aspect to the display, something for people to do: we’ll think about it and report back.

Oct 18 Celebration of Local Food

Keep inviting as many people as possible. Specifically invite food producers, support businesses, and food-related groups and projects to display their info at the event.

Note: post meeting email discussion agreed that we should remove the “no selling” restriction and allow displayers to sell, while focusing on making connections and providing information.

Volunteer signup sheet is online – please volunteer for a role!

November End of Suburbia screening

Kevin still needs to contact VIU re venue and date. Will do.

December “Powerdown Party”

Talk to Owen and set a date.В  Not to be a Saturday.

Eco-Fair: Move from Jan/Feb to April?

Our proposed Jan/Feb date is now too close to reasonably organize something this big. An April date near Earth Day (Apr 22) is proposed, either the weekend before or after. Kevin will check for conflicts and see if the Complex venue is available.

We brainstormed ideas for the fair so when we form a working group with others, we’ll know what it is we’re trying to do!


  • “Transition to the next stage of civilisation”
  • resilience-building
  • CO2 reduction
  • energy conservation and local production

Raise awareness of:

  • what the problems are (why we need to act)
  • what’s already been/being done
  • practical things that people can do
  • future possibilities (preferably positive!)


  • interactive displays
  • demonstrations
  • explanations of new concepts, especially big picture
  • sales: especially local, but anything that contributes to energy reduction or CO2 reduction

Make Connections:

  • group displays by topic (eg part of the fair is a Bike Fair, part a Food Fair, etc) to encourage cross-pollination
  • include a social event to encourage networking
  • have a keynote speech and/or workshops (in a separate room)

Name of event:

  • Eco Fair
  • Green Fair
  • Eco Action Fair
  • Green Action Fair
  • Sustainability Action Fair
  • Climate Action Fair
  • words other than “Fair”

These ideas have been added to those suggested previously and are published here:

Anyone interested in participating in a working group to organize this event should contact Kevin.

Connecting with other groups in town

Malaspina Land Conservancy AGM is Mon Oct 19th, 7pm at VIU
Green Step coffeehouse on Youth and Schools is Oct 15th at Breakwater Books
Seedy Saturday is March 13th 2010 – there will be a Transition presentation.

Other Business

Kevin is going to Transition Training in Victoria Oct 24-26
Corey and Nola are interested in being part of a publicity committee. Wendy and Julie volunteered to serve also. Kevin will put people in touch.
Ryan Barfoot wants a Peak Oil talk for the sustainability students similar to the one in the summer. Date, time, place to be determined.
Julie is planning to take a Permaculture course

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