Steering Group meeting report Sep 22


present: Kevin, Liz, Owen, Graham

Group Structure

Constitution and bylaws

Not enough people present to discuss. Tabled until next meeting.

Subgroup Reports

Transportation: Owen reported on contacts with Frank at Suncoast Cycles and Nicholas Simons MLA, about the SprockKids program to teach kids about bike maintenance and mountain biking. He also plans to contact/join the new mountain bike club in town. Frank is swamped with work and short of a bike mechanic, suggesting that there’s room for training if we can find a way to do it. Kevin to send email addresses so that the rest of the new Transportation group can keep in touch.

Awareness-Raising Event Schedule

Sep 9 transport meeting: debrief

We’re not getting much in the way of donations for refreshments, though organic fair trade coffee and sugar ain’t cheap! Kevin suggested simply charging for coffee – maybe $1 a cup?

Sep 12 Community Info Fair – debrief

Lizzie suggested using summer 2008’s high gas prices as a lead-in for talking to people about Peak Oil.

Sep 16th Food Inc showing at the Patricia

Wendy reported multiple good contacts and came back with about half a dozen email addresses to add to our list. She also reported:

Eva Van Loon was also wanting to get the Age of Stupid Film here.В  She seems to think that the second internet-connected showing (in December?) was also going to cost $400, and wondered if we could get several local groups together before that showing to generate enough money to show during this second date.В  She thought her Poets Society (sic) might want to be involved.В  Sounds like a good idea to me.

Sep 26-27 Fall Fair table

We arranged for enough people to cover all shifts with 2 people per shift, so that no one person carries too much of the load.

Friday setup 5-6pm: Julie, Kevin
Sat 11:30am – 3pm: Julie, Wendy
Sat 3-5pm: Owen, Wendy
Sun 11:30 – 3: Julie, Liz
Sun 3-6: Graham, Liz

It would be great to add some kind of participation thing to our display, something like a “what’s your carbon footprint” game. Probably too late for Fall Fair, but good to do for future displays.

Oct 18 “Celebration of Local Food”

Unitarian Hall is booked. 4 groups have already asked for display space.Posters are produced (Kevin distributed) and some have been posted. Handbills were distributed at Food Inc showings.

We discussed including commercial people/groups like the Feed Store, Carol Engram’s worm castings business etc, and decided that yes we should: after all, farmers and market gardeners sell their products, that’s the whole point, so support business are part of what we need to recognise and encourage too.

Can we connect with people from Texada? Kevin will contact one farmer he knows through the Farmers Institute. Owen’s wife knows people too and will contact.

What do we do about local food makers who don’t use locally-produced ingredients, eg bakers, Periwinkle Granary? Ask David what he thinks from the Food Security Project point of view.

List of people to invite: Owen will send his list to Kevin, Kevin will add his and circulate to steering group, David, farmer friends.

November End of Suburbia showing

If we want to do this at a time when non-car-drivers can attend, it has to be Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings, or weekend daytimes. Unitarian Hall is not available Thursday or Friday evenings. Friday and Sat evenings are usually full of social events and not a good night to pick. Kevin will talk to VIU about holding it there on a Thursday evening now they are back in session.

December “Powerdown Party”

Make this a transition “member” party, not a publicly advertised and promoted event, and hold it in a private home. Owen volunteered his place at the top of Nootka. Anyone interested in Transition can come.

Jan/Feb Eco-Fair

Chamber of Commerce is interested in principle, want to know what we’re planning in more detail. Emma and CaroleAnn of Greenstep are interested but our proposed dates mean CaroleAnn can’t be involved due to other commitments. Emma might though.

Kevin discussed with the Complex and the possible dates in Jan/Feb have narrowed to Sat Feb 6th or Sun Feb 7th. We have a tentative 10am-3pm booking for those two dates of the Arbutus and Cedar rooms, which includes the kitchen.

We need to get a working group organised ASAP, and pin down our objectives and vision for this so that we can give the CofC more information and know exactly what we’re trying to do.

Other Business

Transition Training is happening in Victoria, weekend of 23-25 October. Kevin plans to attend. Owen and Graham also expressed interest. Kevin will send the info out again. There is a possibility of training coming to the mid-Island, but not until spring 2010, if then. A group has to arrange it.

Nola Poirier is interested in helping with press releases. Kevin suggested a publicity committee to design and produce posters, notify calendars, send out press releases, etc. Anyone interested please speak up! You don’t have to be a “transition expert”.

Kevin reported on the money situation. After donations received, and venue and food payments expended, we have about $55. Liz was nominated and accepted the position of Treasurer (hurrah!) and Kevin will hand over the paperwork and money to her.

General discussion ensued on how to talk to people, how to get them interested and committed to action, and how we should come up with practical, do-able projects that people could get involved in. Graham pointed out the two big barriers to action, capital (the expense of doing something big like installing solar panels) and technology (difficulty in understanding and choosing complicated tech options, and lack of availability locally).

Next meeting: Tues 6th October, Kevin’s house, 7pm.

Corrections and additions gratefully received!

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  1. Kenrick Chin - January 2, 2010

    Congratulations on attaining official Transition Town status.
    May this grass roots initiative continue to grow across Canada in 2010.

    From Dundas Ontario in Transition

  2. kevinw1 - January 2, 2010

    Thanks Kenrick! There’s a lot of “mulling” groups and individuals on Vancouver Island and the various Gulf Islands, I know, so I hope to see lots more activity in 2010.

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