Steering Group meeting Sep 8th


Present: Kevin, Lizzie, Julie, David Parkinson, Susan, Owen, Wendy

Group Structure

Tabled to next meeting

Awareness-Raising Event Schedule

Sep 9th Transport Evening

  • Objectives for the evening: create interest group(s) such as TPR Transportation group, bicycling or other special interest groups.
  • Timetable – watch videos, then split out into discussion groups for Cycling, Public Transportation, Walking, Better use of Cars, How to Give Up Your Car.
  • Setup at 6pm.
  • Kevin will send out call for participants

Sep 12th Community Info Fair table

Julie, Liz, Kevin, David from 11-12 only. Setup at 8am. Kev call the complex about getting a table against the wall so we can have our display behind us.

Sep 16th: Food Inc movie at the Patricia

David will talk to Ann Nelson and let us know how this is to be organised.

Sep 26-27: Fall Fair

Owen, Liz, Susan and Julie volunteered: we need more. Kevin is working on teh Fair fulltime and is unavailable.

October Food Event

Change date to 17/18 weekend, Sunday preferred.

Ideas for focus:

  • Celebration of local food people and organisations.
  • Thanksgiving
  • Bring food plants and swap
  • food plant door prizes
  • make the connection between food activities and Transition

Possible titles / event names:

  • Thought for Food
  • A Celebration of Local Food
  • Local Food Thanksgiving
  • Thanks to Local Food Growers
  • (Local) Food for the Future
  • Future Food Now
  • Food in Transition

Ideas for content / displays / etc

  • get Wendy Brown to donate food/transition-related cartoons (as door prizes? Silent auction?)
  • Have a display of food produced here
  • Food movies running continuously on a laptop
  • bring garden samples, collect and pass on to teh food bank
  • Have small displays from groups involved in local food
  • transition display – how local food relates to Transition
  • Honor people and groups: certificate of appreciation, municipal button, CU hearts (Susan J will investigate)

Announce event at Sep 9th meeting, and give out handbills, don’t worry about a poster yet.


  • Endof Suburbia screening
  • proposed date Thursday 19 Nov, or a weekend daytime (Sun 8/15/22)
  • Susan J will talk to Ann about showing at the Patricia

December “Powerdown Party”

  • After dinner
  • need a mass of interested people
  • could be a private TPR party rather than public
  • lots of competition for time and attention in December
  • check possible dates

Jan/Feb Eco-Fair

  • Possible joint working group with Chamber of COmmerce
  • Keynote speaker? Hard to do in a “fair” context, too much distraction and noise
  • Include Comox businesses? Comox non-profit groups? (non competing)
  • Coincide with Sustainability Charter coming out – announce charter at event? Susan will talk to Charter people.
  • Workshops? Maybe next time – focus on Fair aspect this year.

Connecting with other groups in town

Pebble in the Pond AGM Sep 17th

Malaspina Land Conservancy AGM coming up – Oct 15th? – David to check

Other Business

Transition Training in Victoria, Oct 23-25

At the next meeting – brainstorm a list of people and groups to honor at the Celebration Oct 18th.

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