Powell River Dollar launches!

The PR$ has now “soft” launched, and the Official Launch event will be Saturday Nov 10th. So what does “soft launch” mean? It means that: you can buy your PR$ now (at CMG Printing on Marine Ave, or from the PR$ “Mobile” person at markets and fairs) the businesses who signed up with us are […]

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Art Show and Info Night for the Powell River Dollar

On Tuesday evening the new Powell River Money Society (PRMS) held an Art Show and Info Night to display the draft bill designs for the Powell River Dollar and help everyone learn more about how the system will benefit the community. Rob, Sean and Kevin did a three-way presentation that covered lots of details from […]

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Local Re-conomy Celebration a Success

Well, with six events over three days, it was a marathon, but we made it through! For those of you unable to make it, here’s what happened: Friday evening Meet & Greet We had two display tables for this, from Powell River Sustainability Stakeholders and Vancouver Island University (as well as our regular TTPR display), […]

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What Could a Local Currency do for Powell River?

by Barry Bookout There are many models for local or community currencies, but all of them are intended to solve a single problem — how to make a local economy stronger, more resilient, and less affected by external investment, income, and influence. While national, debt-based currencies are based on a model of scarcity, the best […]

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Local Re-conomy Celebration weekend in September

TTPR has a full weekend event coming up in September, focused on Local Economy topics. That includes traditional and alternative views of economic development, localisation, businesses, money, time-banks, barter and sharing, the “gift economy”, and your own personal household economy.  Here’s the draft schedule, which is still subject to minor time changes: Fri Sep 16th […]

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