Art Show and Info Night for the Powell River Dollar

On Tuesday evening the new Powell River Money Society (PRMS) held an Art Show and Info Night to display the draft bill designs for the Powell River Dollar and help everyone learn more about how the system will benefit the community. Rob, Sean and Kevin did a three-way presentation that covered lots of details from […]

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July and August 2011 Transition Events in Powell River

Here’s what’s coming up in July and August. We also have some really exciting stuff planned for September and October, so stay tuned for more on that 🙂 Food Dryer show-and-tell and Picnic Social Jul 24th Edible Garden Tour Aug 7th Alternative Cooking Methods demo Aug 13th All three of these events are co-organized by […]

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Create a Vision Day – timeline pictures

On Sunday 24 October, 23 people came and went and helped to create a forty-foot long, post-carbon, post-fossil-fuel vision for Powell River. Here are a few pictures of the day, with people working on their contributions, and adding to the timeline, plus the whole timeline, in sequence from 2010 to 2030. Warning – the file you […]

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Help Create a Better Powell River: a Day of Post-Carbon Vision Building

TTPR’s next event is our “Post Carbon Vision” day on Sunday October 24th. We’ll be spending the day, first building a picture of how Powell River could look in a post-fossil-fuel, post-CO2 world where we are less dependent on outside forces and more resilient and self-reliant, and then planning working groups, projects and activities to […]

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Bike to Work Week comes to Powell River

For the first time, Powell River is an official Bike to Work Week community! Transition Town Powell River is helping the Powell River Cycling Association get the show on the road. For more information, check out the Powell River section at the Bike to Work Week site: Bike to Work Week Powell River

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TTPR at Earth Day

The Earth Day celebration at Willingdon Beach on Sat 24th Apr was marked by wildly changeable weather (sunshine, high winds and heavy rain followed each other throughout the day) and lots of fun. TTPR used Wendy P’s big 20′ x 10′ canopy to create  a “hang your laundry” display, a vision board activity, and our […]

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Alternative Transportation Evening report

We watched a series of 5 short videos on alternative transportation subjects, including bus rapid transit, walking school buses, city-wide “smart bike” systems, electric vehicles, and even skateboards and canoes. With a few stunts of the “don’t try this at home” variety! Then we had coffee and decided which three of the suggested five breakout […]

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Kevin and Liz visit the Sustainability Toolbox

On the evening of Aug 13th we went down to Herondell B&B south of town, where the students in the Sustainability Toolbox course are based. It had been wet all day but cleared up for the evening: a good thing since we were outside in a gazebo. Kevin and Liz acquired “camp names” as Otter […]

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Kickoff meeting invitation

If you’re interested in getting involved with starting up a Transition initiative here in Powell River, this invitation is for you. Don’t forget to RSVP either here or direct to Kevin if you want to come! (Wednesday May 20, more details below.) What, you may well ask, is Transition Powell River and why would I […]

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Awareness raising events for Powell River

I went through the Transition Handbook and the Transition US website looking at the kind of events that transition groups have held during the “awareness” phase of getting people up to speed on Peak Oil and Climate Change. Here’s an incomplete list of things we could do here in Powell River: Film Screenings Peak Oil […]

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